Bra Sizes & Breast Cup Size Comparison - A, B C, D, DD/E, F, G Cup to H Cup (2022)

Every woman’s body is different, which means that every woman’s breasts are different. No two pairs of breasts are alike. Breasts come in a vast range of shapes and sizes. In fact, one pair of breasts can be classified as one of many different general shapes that include round, sagging, asymmetric, and more. Beyond size and shape, breasts also vary in density that affects how much they weigh regardless of how big they are. Nipple size, shape, and placement are variables that make up separate topics in and of themselves. Breasts are incredibly complex, unpredictable, and varying body part, it's no wonder they draw much attention from men and women alike.

Even one woman’s breast sizes don’t stay the same forever. In fact, every woman’s breasts change significantly throughout her life. Naturally, breasts undergo the most dramatic changes during puberty when they grow and develop into mature adult breasts. Throughout your adult years, however, your breasts continue to fluctuate in size as a result of many different factors. Variables that have the power to change the size of your breasts include pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain, weight loss, shifts in hormone levels, high amounts of exercise, birth control, smoking, and menopause. From the time your breasts stop developing at the end of puberty to the time you finish going through menopause, it is not at all abnormal for your breasts to have shifted dramatically in size, shape, and density throughout that time.

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Of all the factors that determine what a single pair of breasts look like, breast size is the variable that is talked about and cared about the most. For many women, their breast size is an integral part of their confidence and how attractive they feel. Beyond sex appeal, breast size is important because it dictates what bra size a woman wears. Wearing the correct bra size for your breast size helps your bust look better in tops, prevents serious back pain in women with larger breasts, and offers the support you need to avoid discomfort and sagging. With those benefits in mind, it’s clear to see how crucial it is to wear the correct bra size. That’s why it is concerning and alarming that an estimated eighty percent of modern women wear the wrong bra size, with seventy percent wearing a size that’s too small for their bust and ten percent wearing one that’s too big.

Although, not all of these sizes are sold in standard stores.Commercial bra cup sizes technically range from AA to M. Considering how many bra cup sizes there are; it makes sense that so many women end up wearing a bra in a cup size that’s a letter or two off from the ideal size for their breasts. However, just because it makes sense doesn’t mean that wearing the wrong bra cup size is any less harmful to your daily comfort, appearance, and even long-term health. Even though there are breasts out there that warrant the continued sales of all bra sizes, there are some bra sizes that are more common than others. In America, the current average bra cup size among all women in the nation is DD. Most major bra retailers sell bra cup sizes starting at AA or A up to DD or DDD. While this range of sizes does represent the most common bra cup sizes that

are more readily available because there is a higher demand for them, there are many women who don’t fit into these sizes. Specialty bra retailers fulfill the bra needs of most of these women with more expansive size ranges that include cup sizes from E to HH. Many women don’t even know these larger sizes are available to them because mainstream retailers don't commonly sell them. Ignorance and misinformation are two significant reasons why so many women still wear the wrong bra size. Knowing more about the most common bra cup sizes—AA to HH—can help you determine which one is indeed the right size for you.

How To Measure Bra Sizes

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A U.S. bra size is made up of two measurements: band and cup. U.S. bra sizes are measured in inches. Determine your band size by measuring around your ribcage, where the band of your bra should rest. Round this measurement up to the nearest even number—29 to 30, 31 to 32, and so on—to get your band size. Then measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust. The difference between your band measurement and bust measurement dictates the letter of your bra cup size.

Determining your bra cup size based on manipulating the necessary numerical measurements as explained above is the right place to start the search for your perfect bra size. However, you can’t rely entirely on numbers. Breasts are complex, and many different factors affect your bra size, including the shape and density of your breasts as well as your body type, shape, and size. Use your measurements as a place to start your search, but be open to wearing other sizes if they provide a more accurate fit for your breasts regardless of whether they match up with your measurements. You should also keep sister sizes in mind if you are having trouble finding the right bra size. Sister bra sizes are sizes within one cup size and one band size of each other in either direction. For example, 36A, 34B, and 32C are sister sizes. Identifying sister sizes can be helpful if you feel like your breasts are in between sizes or outside the range of standard sizes available.

List of Bra Sizes

A cup Bra Size, AA Cup, and AAA Bra Cup Bras

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While many people think that AA is the smallest bra size, AAA is the most modest cup size. AAA cup sizes are very uncommon, so it can be challenging to find bras that come in size AAA. However, the same specialty bra retailers that sell unusual larger sizes like E, F, G, and H are also apt to offer bras with AAA cups as well. If you currently wear an AA cup and feel like you might fit better into an AAA bra, it’s worth the search to find the obscure size.

The numerical difference between single, double, and triple-A cup sizes is very slight. An A cup bra is designed to fit women with one inch between their band measurement and bust measurement. If the difference between your band measurement and your bust measurement is between one-half and one inch, you should be wearing an AA cup. If the difference is less than a one-half inch or negligible, an AAA cup will likely provide you with the best fit. However, wearing an AAA or an AA instead of an A cup or vice versa can still make a big difference in how your bust looks. To provide you with a frame of reference for what A cups look like on other women, actress Zendaya reportedly wears an AA cup bra, and Taylor Swift fits into a standard A cup

It is essential for women with an A cup size to measure their bust carefully before choosing a bra. Because most women with petite breasts don’t require much support to feel comfortable in a bra, they are less likely than women with fuller busts to notice whether they’re wearing a bra size that’s slightly off. The lack of support that women with single, double, or triple-A cups require does give them a significant amount of freedom when choosing bra styles. They can safely and comfortably wear bralettes, unlined bras, and bras without underwire.

B Cup, & B Sports Bra Size

If the measurement of your bust is two inches higher than your rib band measurement, chances are you should be wearing a B cup bra. Popular R&B and pop singer Rihanna is reported to wear a B cup. There is no double or triple B cup; if the difference between your band and bust measurement is more than a one-half inch smaller or larger than two inches, try an A or C cup to determine which size fits you best.

Women with B cup breasts don’t struggle much when trying to find a quality sports bra. If you wear a B cup, your breasts likely don’t require much support to stay in place during a vigorous activity like running or jumping. There is no need for your sports bras to include extra support features like underwire or molded cups. Any sports bra that features a full elastic band and fits tightly enough around your breasts to hold them in place against your chest. You still need to be careful when choosing a sports bra. Even though you might not feel significant pain or discomfort with very little to no support, wearing a snug sports bra that keeps your breasts still while you workout is vital for the long-term health and appearance of your breasts.

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Dominique Seamless Push-up Bra A-D CUP Bra

C Cup Bra & Sports Bra

Women with C cup breasts should have a band measurement that is three inches less than their bust measurements. Actress Jennifer Lawrence is thought to have C cup breasts. Like B cups, C cups do not have double or triple letter sizes. If your measurement difference is somewhere between two and three inches or three and four inches, consider exploring bigger and smaller cup sizes to find your perfect fit.

C cups are a transitional size when it comes to a bra and sports bra styles. If you wear a C cup, the amount of support you need in everyday bras and sports bras can vary widely. Some women with C cups experience extreme discomfort if they don’t wear very supportive bras, while other women with the same cup size are comfortable with little to no support.

D Cup, DD Cup Bra, breast and Sports Bra

Measuring a difference of four inches between your band and bust size places you in the range of a D cup size. D cups also come in double and triple sizes, which is lucky since a DD cup is the average bra size among women in the U.S. Model and actress Kate Upton reportedly wears a D or DD cup size.

If you are a D, DD, or DDD cup size, it is imperative for you to prioritize support when buying bras orsports bras. Try to find everyday bras with added support features like wide, padded straps and sectioned cups with panels. The sports bras you buy should include underwire, lining, and shaped cups to keep your breasts secure while you workout.

Bra Sizes & Breast Cup Size Comparison - A, B C, D, DD/E, F, G Cup to H Cup (5)Bra Sizes & Breast Cup Size Comparison - A, B C, D, DD/E, F, G Cup to H Cup (6)

E Cup Bra, breast & Sports Bra size

E is the first cup size outside of the standard A to DD range of sizes that most bra retailers carry. However, this size An E cup is defined by a difference of five inches between your band measurement and your bust measurement. If you wear an E cup, you are likely in the company of socialite and television personality Kim Kardashian.

E cup bras usually do not come in double letter sizes, but the E cup size can be very confusing. Some bra retailers equate DD and E cup sizes, while others differentiate between the two. When shopping for bras, automatically try on both DD and E sizes to determine which size fits you best. If you’re buying online, consult the online retailer’s sizing chart to check how they define DD and E cup sizes. When shopping for E cup bras and sports bras, support is critical to avoid significant discomfort during wear.

Bra Sizes & Breast Cup Size Comparison - A, B C, D, DD/E, F, G Cup to H Cup (7)Bra Sizes & Breast Cup Size Comparison - A, B C, D, DD/E, F, G Cup to H Cup (8)

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F Cup, FF Cup Bra & Sports Bra

The F cup size is another size that is out of the standard range of bra sizes but is still readily accessible from specialty retailers. The F cup size is usually defined by a bust and band measurement difference of six inches. F cups do have a double letter size. FF cups are between F and G cups in size, so you should explore this transitional size if the difference between your band and bust measurements falls somewhere between six and seven inches. Actress Sofia Vergara is thought to wear an F cup size.

Shopping for F cup bras can be complicated because some bra retailers do not differentiate between DDD and F cup sizes. If you’re buying a bra from an unfamiliar brand, be sure to check their sizing charts before buying so you don’t end up with a bra in a skewed size. Be sure to put support first when purchasing an F or FF bra or sports bra. There are plenty of sexy bra options in these sizes that also offer enough comfort and security to keep you comfortable all day long.

Bra Sizes & Breast Cup Size Comparison - A, B C, D, DD/E, F, G Cup to H Cup (9)Bra Sizes & Breast Cup Size Comparison - A, B C, D, DD/E, F, G Cup to H Cup (10)

G Cup Bra & Sports Bra

A difference of seven inches between your bust and band measurement defines a G cup size. If you wear a G cup size, you will almost certainly need to buy your bras from a specialty bra retailer. While this can take some extra effort, it is more than worth it if it helps you find bras that fit you. Double letter GG cup size also exists to fit women whose bust measures between seven and eight inches more than their. Dutch model Lara Stone’s cup size is estimated to fall within this transitional range that defines a GG cup.

The importance of support in bras and sports bras cannot be emphasized enough for women who wear a G cup size or higher. In addition to making you constantly feel uncomfortable and weighed down, wearing a G cup bra that does not provide enough support can cause significant sagging as well as dangerous and debilitating chronic back pain. Fortunately, you will be hard-pressed to find an unsupportive G cup bra. Most quality brands who sell bras in this size automatically build maximum support into the bras to fulfill the needs of their full-busted customers.

Bra Sizes & Breast Cup Size Comparison - A, B C, D, DD/E, F, G Cup to H Cup (11)Bra Sizes & Breast Cup Size Comparison - A, B C, D, DD/E, F, G Cup to H Cup (12)

H Cup, HH Cup Bra Size & Sports Bra

H and HH cup sizes are the largest common bra sizes, but many women fit best into larger sizes. These largerbra cup sizes do exist and are just slightly more difficult to find than more common smaller cup sizes. The H cup size is defined by a difference of eight inches between your rib band measurement and your measurement of your bust. An HH cup size means a difference that falls slightly higher than eight inches but below nine inches.Mad Menactress Christina Hendricks reportedly wears an HH cup size.

When shopping for bra sizes as large as HH, don’t get discouraged. Keep exploring different brands and styles until you find a well-fitting bra that is sexy and provides you with all the support you need to eliminate the dangers of chronic pain and other discomforts.

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Which is bigger D cup E cup or F cup? ›

Cup size is the same between U.S. and Europe/France. "A" cups (U.S.) = "A" cup in Europe/France; B=B, C=C, etc with some exceptions for "DD" and "DDD" cups. Many European brands (and some American brands) use the lettering "E" for a DD cup size and "F" for a DDD cup size.

Which cup is bigger E or DD? ›

A DD cup = E for full figure bras, DDD = F, but if you are used to buying a standard bra that comes in cup sizes B-DD and no higher, there will be about a half cup size increase between the DD in a standard style and a DD/E in a full figure style.

What is an F cup size? ›

What is an F Cup Size? If you are f cup breasts, it means that your bust measurement is 6 inches larger than the band measurement. Like other cup sizes, there are lots of differences between f cups. For instance, if your band size is 32 inches and your bust size is 38 inches, your breast size is 32F.

How big is an H cup size? ›

If you wear a bra with an H cup size, this means that your breasts extend out around 8 inches from your chest wall.

What cup size is equivalent to G? ›

Cup Size Chart
DifferenceUS (United States)UK (United Kingdom)
12 more rows

Is DDD the same as G? ›

After size D you can either go up to size DD which is the bra size equivalent to size E, size DDD which is equivalent to size F, and size DDDD which is equivalent to size G.

Is F bigger than DD? ›

For some reason, we have been brainwashed into thinking that boob sizes go from A-DD, DD being the biggest boob/bra size. DD is actually at the lower end of the scale, there is still E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, and K cup above that.

Is C cup bigger than D cup? ›

A D cup is an inch larger than a C cup.

Is F bigger than DD? ›

For some reason, we have been brainwashed into thinking that boob sizes go from A-DD, DD being the biggest boob/bra size. DD is actually at the lower end of the scale, there is still E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, and K cup above that.

What's the biggest cup size? ›

Annie Hawkins-Turner has the largest natural breasts in the world. Her bra size is 102 ZZZ.

✅ How to Measure Bra Size at Home ; Bra Sizes and Cup Sizes Explained ; Easy Conversion Charts and Useful Tips ✅

Yes, a bra can also do that.. Therefore, your recommended bra size is 32B (band size + cup size).. )<12018-10-11AAAAAAAA-AAA12018-12-13AAAAAAB214-15BBBBBBC316-17CCCCCCD418-19DDDDDDE520-21DD/EDDEEDDDDF622-23DDD/FEFFEEG724-25DDDD/GFGGFFH826-27HFFHHFFGI928-29IGIIGHJ1030-31JGGJJGGIK To accurately determine your bra size, you need to take measurements of your band size and your cup size using a measuring tape.. Before you can get your cup size, you need to measure your bust size.. It is a good fit for most breast shapes but women with larger breasts may get little support from wearing this bra type.. Only 48% of women wear the right bra size.. Try getting a bra with the same band size but is one cup size smaller.. The band size you’re wearing might be smaller than what fits you best.. One breast is larger than the other.. Usually, the right breast is slightly smaller than the left breast.. Only 48% of women wear the right bra size .

Bra sizes basically depend on the band size and cup size of the particular bra, usually consists of numbers and alphabets. There are various styles & sizes.

Though the alphabetical cup sizes were introduced back in 1930s, the catalog companies continued using labels of small, medium and large through 1940s.. American bra manufacturers started band measurement system after the Second World War.. British manufacturers produce bra from A to LL cup size while in America bras from A-G cup sizes are found.. Some label bra beyond C cup as D-DD-DDD-DDDD-E-EE-EEE… and some as D1, D2, D3, D4, and so on.. Though the cup sizes are the same, band sizes are exactly 15 cm larger than the European band size.. Hence, the measurement system for band size and cup size varies across the world.

If you ever wondered about bra cup sizes and the biggest bra size letter available, keep on reading. We’ve covered the details about the different sizes.

When the measurement between your band and bust has a two inch difference, the B cup is for you.. Some retailers have E cups as the equivalent to DD cups, but that may not carry over to other manufacturers.. H, HH, L, M, N, and O are less common than the A-DD range, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.. The UK store Rigby and Peller released a 48N bra in April 2011, which is larger than both a US 46H and an EU 105I, though 58O is available at some online bra stores.. The next cup size following a DD (which is E in EU/UK sizing) is the DDD/E/F size.. Cup sizes can range through AA to N in most countries, including the US, and it refers to how many inches larger the bust is to the size of the band.. The cup size doesn’t have anything to do with the volume of the breasts; it’s measuring proportion.

When people talk of bigger breasts, a D cup is one of the most popular sizes. Just hearing the words “D cup” can give a connotation of sultry curviness.

Then, you have your bust size, which is how the measurement around your boobs.. So if a woman has a 34 band length and measures 38 inches around her breasts, her bra size would be 34D.. A double D measures 5 inches between band and bust, making it one size up from a D. Meanwhile, a triple D measures 6 inches from the chest, so it’s two sizes bigger.. Every boob size is different.. But as long as your D cup bra provides support and fits correctly, your boobs shouldn’t look overwhelmingly large.. Compare her to the two following models who have a bigger band size at 36D and 38D.. If you feel your bra doing this, you might want to go for a bra that’s one band size wider.. This is quite difficult to find with large-size bras, since bigger cups need way more support than smaller sizes.. Instead, you have to look for your sister size—a size that’s one band size up and a letter cup size down.. The letter in a bra size corresponds to the difference of the band and bust sizes.. A D cup indicates that you have a 4-inch difference between your underbust and boob measurement.. Just go one band size lower to find your sister DD cup size.. So if you have a 36D, you can use a 34DD bra.

The bra size conversion can really get on your nerves; hence we have collected all the possible bra size conversion charts. US, UK, Canada, China and more..

The bra sizes vary from country to country; hence the bra size conversion can be real confusion.. If you don’t know how to measure bra size, go here and you can take measurement of your bra size.. Image Source The bra size conversion can really get on your nerves; hence we have collected all the possible bra size conversion charts.. USAUKEuropeFranceItalyAustraliaJapan 28286075066030306580086532327085110703434759021275363680953148038388510041685404090105518904242951106209544441001157221004646105120824105484811012592611050501151301028115525212013511301205454125140123212556561301451334130282860750660 Note: Japanese bra sizes are the same as European sizes but cup sizes precedes band sizes, for example C75 instead of 75C.. USAUKEuropeFranceItalyAustraliaJapan AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBCCCCCCCDDDDDDDEDD or EDDEEDDDDFDDD or FEFFEEGGFGGFFHHFFHHFFFFIIGJJGGJJGGKKGGGGKKHLLHHLLHHMMHHHHMMJNNJJNNJJOOJJJJOOKPPKKPCup sizes are determined by the difference of band sizes and bust sizes.. Cup SizeBust size – Band size AA0A<1B1C2D3DD4DDD/E5F6G7H8 Image Source Knowing your bra sizes in both inches and centimeters is very helpful.. If you know your bra size and all related bra size conversion, then it gives you freedom and options of choosing bras from various brands and manufacturers.. If you are still not sure about your bra size, you can always come back and check the above bra size conversion chart.

Finding the right bra size doesn't have to be difficult, you can do it right at home! We explain how to properly measure your bra size and give you a list of the perfect bras for your boob type.

Understanding your sister-size typically means that you will be one cup size larger and one band size smaller than your true size.. If your cup size is feeling too tight then you would do the opposite of that, one cup size smaller and one band size larger.. Read below to find out how to find the right bra size and or use our bra size chart/bra size calculator, these will help you measure your bra size with the best accuracy.. After you measure your band size and breast size combine your band size and correspond it with the letter of your bust size, for the example above your correct bra size would be a 36A.. Straps – We recommend not going for a strapless bra when trying to find a well-fitted bra.. Your cups should look even and full, if they look empty or have excessive room you may need to go down in cup size.. As you can see how women of different cup sizes can have breasts that look the same size.. You can see below the breast cup size comparison to see clearly the different bra sizes explained to understand sister boob sizes more clearly.. When it comes to wanting to know what the average boob size for a woman is, it is narrowed down by country.. There are many different breast sizes and each woman’s needs are different when it comes to finding out how to find the right bra size.. The first step is to measure your bra size, then you can look through the chart to find your needs when searching for a bra.

Want to know the exact measurements for a G cup and how it differs from an E or F cup? Read on to find out.

The G cup is known as a pretty large cup size for breasts.. The size of the actual G cup still depends heavily on your band size.. A G cup means that the difference of your band and bust size is eight inches.. So while a G cup means there’s an 8-inch difference in band and bust, an E cup only has a difference of six inches.. A DDD cup is also called an F cup , which sits just one size above a G cup.. That’s because, depending on the band size, a G cup and DDD cup can be sister sizes.. A sister size is a bra size that is comparable to your true size because it offers the same cup volume.. The size and volume of your G cup breasts will differ depending on the band size.. We have a collection of guides for other large yet popular cup sizes, like for E cups and D cups .

All these years you might have been wearing the poorly-fitted bra that is making your breasts look saggy and uneven. There are numerous signs that indicate that your bra does not fit well. These signs include the underwire poking the sides of your boobs, wrinkling in the fabric of the cups, cup spillage, a band […]

In the article, you will find the bra size chart to help you determine your correct bra size.. The simplest part of measuring your bra size is finding the size of your band.. – If the measurement of your band size is an even number, the chances are this is your perfect band size unless or until it interferes with your body type or cup size.. In order to find your cup size, you need to subtract your band size from your cup measurement you just noted.. – Less than one inch: AA. – One inch: A. – Two inches: B. – Three inches: C. – Four inches: D. – Five inches : DD. – Six inches: DDD or E in UK sizing. – Seven inches: DDDD/F or F in UK sizing. – Eight inches: G/H or FF in UK sizing. – Nine inches: I/J or G in UK sizing. – 10 inches: J or GG in UK sizing. Even though there are many bra size charts, it is best to refer to an international correct bra size chart.. Band Size303234363840Upper Bust 24, 25, 26 26, 27, 28 28, 29, 30 30, 31, 32 32, 33, 34 34, 35, 36Cup SizeOver Bust A 29½ – 30¼32¼ – 3334¼ – 35 36¼ – 37 38¼ – 39 40¼ – 41 B 30¼ – 31 33 – 33¾ 35 – 35¾ 37 – 37¾ 39 – 39¾ 41 – 41¾ C 31 – 31¾ 33¾ – 34¾ 35¾ – 36¾ 37¾ – 38¾ 39¾ – 40¾ 41¾ – 42¾ After you have found the measurement, go to your preferred store and ask for a bra with your band size and cup size.. – You need to be aware of the fact that women who usually wear a bra with large band size and small cup size often have migrated breast tissue that looks like back rolls or armpits rolls.. – Less than one inch: AA. – One inch: A. – Two inches: B. – Three inches: C. – Four inches: D. – Five inches: DD. – Six inches: DDD or E in UK sizing. – Seven inches: DDDD/F or F in UK sizing. – Eight inches: G/H or FF in UK sizing. – Nine inches: I/J or G in UK sizing. – 10 inches: J or GG in UK sizing. – You might want to click this link to find the bra size calculator , which you can help to calculate your right bra size.. Click this bra size conversion link and locate the bra size conversion chart.. Most women do not refer to the bra size chart in order to find the bra that fits them perfectly.. We hope this article has helped you find out how to measure your bra size perfectly so you can choose the right bra that enhances the look of your breasts and thus your figure.

The Bra plus Size Chart and converter finds your size before buying a perfect fitting plus size bra in 3 Simple Steps + international sizes

The larger the cup size and the heavier the bust, the more difficult it is to find the optimal bra.. As many as 75% of women wear the wrong size bra, imagine women looking for plus sizes in bras.. Then they check whether the model is available in their cup size and in that case they buy the bra.. Simple, measuring your bra size with a heavy bust is the same as looking for small-sized bras.. Determine the Bra band size: Measurement in inches23″-25″25″-27″27″-29″29″-31″31″-33″33″-35″ Your US/UK band size is: 283032343638Measurement in cm58 – 62 cm63 – 67 cm68 – 72 cm73 – 77 cm78 – 82 cm83 – 87 cm Your EU band size is: 606570758085Small Bras or the first Bra Band Size Chart in centimeter and inchesNote that many teenager and kids bras don’t mention the cup size as there is not much cup to fill yet.The first bra for your daughter or teenager might be found only with Band Size indication alone.. Determine the Bra cup size: The difference between the Bust size (the biggest measurement) and the Rib Cage (or underbust) size makes the Cup size of your first bra.. Subtract your band size from your bust measurement to find your cup size.. Match the number to this cup size chart to determine your cup size.. Now the bra size is determined, you might come accross many soft and strapless bras in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.. For teens and younger girls the Cup size will help figuring your international Size in buying the correct bra.. Find below an easy to use Bra Size Converter.Do you want to check which bra size corresponds to the French or UK size?. You want to buy a very nice Italian design bra for your daughter but only know the US size of your teenager?Check your size in the below table.The Cup sizes (A, B, C etc.). USAUKEuropeFranceItalyAustraliaJapan3030658008653232708511070343475902127536368095314803838851004168540409010551890424295110620954444100115722100464610512082410548481101259261105050115130102811552521201351130120545412514012321255656130145133413058581351501436135 USAUKEuropeFranceItalyAustraliaJapanAAAAAABBBBBBBCCCCCCCDDDDDDDEDDDDEEDDDDFDDD/FEFFEEGGFGGFFHHFFHHFFFFIIGJJGGJJGGKKGGGGKKHLLHHL FrenchSpainBelgiumsizesEuropeanChinaJapan / HKGsizesBritishUKIndiasizesAustraliaNew ZealandsizesUSAMexicosizesInternationalsizesItaliansizes806530830XS08570321032S19075341234M29580361436L310085381638XL4 Example: if you’re a French size 90B, your European size is 75B, your Australian Size is 12B, and your UK size is 34B.. If so, you need a larger cup size or a bra design with more cup coverage and/or higher sides.. Plus size bra sizing explained by Holly


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