League of Legends Partner Program - League of Legends (2022)

League of Legends Partner Program - League of Legends (1)

The League Partner Program is our way of supporting creators. We believe in an approach that builds a strong relationship between Riot and our most dedicated community members that rewards them for their support.

Partner Perks

Partner Perks are the rewards creators receive for being in the program. All members of the program are legally required to publicly disclose that they are receiving rewards from Riot.

Note: Some of these perks will be rolling out to regions at different times.

Dev Access

Through check ins, office hours and more, we want to connect LPP members straight to the team working on our games.

(Video) (My Experience) Becoming a League of Legends Partner | 100k Subscriber Special

Official Promotion

We want to help LPP member’s channels grow. We’ll promote select creators through the client and social media to help boost their presence.

Audience Giveaways

We want to give you content to give out to them as a reward for following you. LPP members receive exclusive chromas (includes the champion) and Little Legend Eggs to give out.

Content Access

LPP members should be able to easily jump from game to game. To help with that, all LPP members will receive unlocked League accounts, including some TFT content, and wild cards for Legends of Runeterra.

Event Invites

Select members will get invited to events, virtual and in person, like All Stars, regional tournaments, and more.

VIP Reporting

As a creator you face unique problems that the average player doesn’t. We want to help LPP members by providing a clear path to report player behavior problems that uniquely impact you.

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Early Access and Previews

Select members will have the opportunity for early access to Patch notes, new champions, game modes, cards, etc…..

Sponsor Collaboration Opportunities

Across Riot we work with a lot of partners and sponsors. LPP members receive first priority to be a part of cross promotion and collaboration with them.

Additional Exclusive Regional Perks

Creators might receive additional benefits and rewards specific to a region.


To be eligible, content creators need to be focused on making League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, or Legends of Runeterra. Specific viewership or subscriber requirements may vary by region. These are minimum requirements and meeting these do not guarantee admission into the program.

  • At least 30% of content needs to be a mix of these games.
  • Minimum 50+ average concurrent viewers on your livestreams from the last 30 days and/or 5,000 average views on your video content in the past 30 days or at least 1,000 YouTube subscribers
  • Must be at least 16 years of age
  • Must adhere to our behavior expectations (more below)
  • Must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement


Applications are currently closed. However, some regions are opening up to new creators by invite only. We’re planning on opening them back up in 2021, so stay tuned. We're delaying opening applications back up for LPP in 2021 because we're working on adding more value to the program in ways that we hope creators will be even more excited about. We will have more information on what we've got cooking in the first half of 2022!

(Video) League's Partner Program and Content Creators

Behavior Expectations

As a member of LPP, you are a representative of Riot Games and the program. As such, LPP creators are expected to maintain a high standard of behavior in game and on social media. We define good behavior based on, but not limited to, the following:

  • Follow the Riot Games Terms of Service
  • No racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism, bullying, or otherwise harassment of other players. This also extends to your in-game names, usernames, Riot IDs, Club tags, or other personal identifiers. In general treat people how they want to be treated. If you don’t know, ask.
  • No accounts that have been permanently banned or ID banned.
  • No win-trading, MMR boosting, account sharing or other boosting behavior both on your accounts and others accounts.
  • No botting, hacking, 3rd party exploits, bug abuse or other manipulation of the game.
  • No purchasing accounts or selling accounts.
  • No intending to lose- disconnecting, AFKing, idling, refusing to play, or holding your lobbies hostage.
  • No using your status as a member of LPP to attack, threaten, mass report, or generally abuse other players in game.
  • No using out of game information to disrupt the competitive integrity of the game. No stream sniping other content creators.
  • Keep all your accounts secure. Never share your personal information or passwords in game.
  • You are required to disclose all accounts you own in our games. This includes smurfs, and non-content accounts.

In addition to the general expectations across our games, we have highlighted game-specific expectations.

In Game Behavior Expectations

  • Follow the Code of Conduct
  • Honor Level 2 or above is expected at all times (for League of Legends creators)
  • Compete with sportsmanship, integrity, and be a good teammate and steward of the game

Out-of-Game Behavior Expectations

  • While operating on social media, on stream, or in videos we expect all LPP to adhere to the platinum rule. Treat others as they want to be treated. If you aren’t sure, ask.
  • Follow all local laws, including but not limited to FTC Rules and Regulations regarding disclosing of partnerships.
  • Follow our Legal Jibber Jabber at all times.
  • All LPP creators will be expected to maintain a positive status on social media. No banned accounts on any social media platforms, including but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, Youtube.
  • No racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism, bullying, or otherwise harassment of other people. This also extends to comments made while streaming, messages on social media, and the general content you produce.
  • No pornography or explicitcontent.
  • All tournaments should follow our Developer rules for Tournaments.
  • No harassment, doxxing, or witch hunting.
  • Do not use your audience or LPP status to attack, threaten, or otherwise abuse others.
  • In general, remember: as a member of LPP you are a representative of Riot Games and the LPP program.
  • No breaking of NDA’s, Riot’s or otherwise. No hacking, leaking, or attempting to circumvent the release process of Riot or other game developers.
  • Riot reserves the right to add in any activity deemed by Riot Games to be immoral or against proper ethical behavior

Consequence and Penalties

A violation of the Code of Conduct may result in one or more of the following penalties, based on the severity of the action and past violations:

  • Formal warning and meeting with Riot to discuss the infraction.
  • One month removal of all LPP program perks
  • Extended probation period, Three month removal of all LPP program perks. Cannot participate in program events, and other promotions.
  • Removal from the LPP program and loss of all associated perks of the program taken from your accounts. If applicable, we will notify the creator of a possible re-admission date, where they can apply again for the program.

Riot Games reserves the right to modify these expectations, or terminate a partners participation at any time, for any reason, without notice. We will notify all LPP members of any changes as or before they take effect.


Why aren’t Valorant and Wild Rift included?

We haven’t forgotten these games! We’ll continue to expand the program and rewards with new games and products when the time is right and are actively looking at bringing them in as soon as possible.

(Video) The sad state of the League Partnership Program

Why aren’t applications open?

We’re in the process of revamping our application process and plan on reopening the program in 2021.

Why aren’t other kinds of creators accepted?

We’re always looking to expand the program to other kinds of creators like artists, cosplayers, musicians, etc… It’s something we’re interested in but need to find the right approach before we make any commitments.

Are there restrictions of the giveaways?

Codes are locked to the region you play in, and expire after four weeks. Selling codes is explicitly not allowed. Creators found to be selling codes will be removed from the program.

(Video) Why I Got Kicked Out of the LPP (League Partner Program)


What is the League of Legends Partner Program? ›

What is the League Partner Program? The League Partner Program is our way of supporting creators. We believe in an approach that builds a strong relationship between Riot and our most dedicated community members that rewards them for their support.

What does league unlocked give you? ›

League Unlocked is a service Riot provides to eligible institutions that unlocks in-game content such as champions and skins. This service uses a combination of IP addresses and MAC addresses to whitelist the computers on which League Unlocked will be active.

What is a Riot account League? ›

Your Riot Account is your key to access all of our games, which means you can sign into any of our games using the same username and password. Your Riot Account can also be tied to various social sign-ins, but we'll touch on that more later.

Does Tyler1 have a Riot account? ›

Tyler1 stated that he will be playing on a low elo (Low Skill) Riot Games account since he does not have time to level up to 30 from scratch. He stated that he already missed a day because of his flight getting delayed.

How do I know if I got banned from League of Legends? ›

How To Know If You Are Banned In League of Legends. Well, the most basic way to know if you are banned in League of Legends is just by trying to enter a match. If the timer is still ticking as the pop-up would show, then it just means that you still cannot join games within that given timeframe.

Is it hard to get a job at Riot Games? ›

How hard is it to get a job at Riot Games? Believe it or not, you don't even need to attend college to work there. Instead, in its hiring process, the company focuses on talent and whether the applicant can collaborate with others. If you meet the prerequisites, then launching a Riot Games career will be easy.

Does Riot Games hire remote? ›

If you're starting remotely, our IT team will make sure you have everything you need to get up and running on day one! They've optimized how we ship hardware and supply tools and software to make working from home as easy as possible.

How old do you have to be to work at Riot Games? ›

How old do I have to be to work at Riot? We only consider applicants over the age of 18.

How much is a league unlocked account? ›

Price is $20. Last edited by SoloQAbuser; 11/01/2019 at 20:30.

Where does league make money? ›

By selling gift items such as clothes, mousepads, making limited products, and working with companies such as Nike, League of Legends makes even more money.

How do Riot Games make money? ›

Riot Games generates the bulk of company revenue through in-game purchases, with these microtransactions earning approximately $31 per second. What's more, the company earns advertising and sponsorship revenue from game tournaments broadcast on YouTube.

Who sponsors LCS? ›

SBJ's Hongyu Chen reports TJ Sports, which operates the Chinese League of Legends competition (LPL), has two new sponsors in smartphone OnePlus and e-commerce platform Jing Dong.
Big brands back for League of Legends competition.
League of Legends North America sponsors (LCS)
20 more rows
Jan 12, 2022

Can you share accounts on League of Legends? ›

You give your password to a friend or family member

The only person that should know your password is you. Don't forget that accounts are personal. Each summoner is unique, which means that when his account is shared, part of its personality is lost in the process.

What is the essence Emporium? ›

Twice a year, Riot Games has a sale called the Essence Emporium, where players can use all their unneeded Blue Essence to receive some free stuff.


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