LEKE LEKE WATERFALL BALI - The Complete Guide (2022)

LEKE LEKE WATERFALL BALI - The Complete Guide (1)

Leke Leke waterfall Bali is a beautiful hidden waterfall with a narrow stream of water that flows gently down into a small and shallow pool of water. Surrounded by green and lush forestation, you really have the feeling as if you’ve entered a scene from a jungle film. You can even explore behind the falls where you will find a cave which is naturally carved out. Despite it is not possible to swim at Leke Leke waterfall because the pool is too small and shallow, you will absolutely enjoy your time here. I highly recommend to put this waterfall on your Bali itinerary. Read in this complete guide everything you need to know about the Bali Leke Leke waterfall.

About Leke Leke waterfall

Once you arrive at the beautiful entrance of Leke Leke waterfall, also known as Kipuan Kebo, you will see a few other tourist attractions that the owners of the land made. There is a warung where you can have some food or drinks with a view, toilets and even a rope chair swing and a set of bamboo structures to take instagrammable photos with the jungle in the background.

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For the hike down to the waterfall you can choose to get a walking stick which will give you some extra support. The path itself is well maintained and is a combination of concrete steps, sand paths and a bamboo bridge you need to cross. With beautiful plants and lush green jungle there is enough to see. The hike is easy to moderate and will take approximately 15 minutes. While the path is well maintained, be sure to watch your step as it can get slippery. Especially during the rainy season!

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Once you arrive at the bottom of Leke Leke waterfall, you will be stunned by its beauty. It really feels as a hidden waterfall and as if you are in the middle of the jungle. There are no other facilities at the waterfall, just a tiny changing room.

Leke Leke waterfall has a height of approximately 15 meters with beautiful lush surroundings.If you show up early enough you might even be lucky enough to have this waterfall all to yourself!

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Leke Leke waterfall entrance fee

The entrance fee for Leke Leke waterfall is 50.000 IDR per person. Compared to many of the other Bali waterfalls this is one of the most expensive ones to visit. However, there are some other photo spots near the entrance which you can also use when visiting Leke Leke.

Opening times Leke Leke waterfall

The opening times for Leke Leke waterfall are from 7 AM – 5 PM. There is a gate at the entrance so if you’re earlier or later than the opening times, you can expect to not get in.

How to get to Leke Leke waterfall

Leke Leke waterfall is located in the central region of Bali, close to the Jatiluwih rice fields and the other impressive Bali waterfall NungNung. The drive takes about 1,5 hours from Kuta or 1 hour from Canggu. From Ubud it’s only 45 minutes away, so if you want to explore more of this region, I would suggest you stay in Ubud or a little bit more up north. For example at Batak Legacy!

During the drive up north you will pass beautiful lush green rice fields, rural and local villages alternated with beautiful Balinese temples. If you are renting a moped, you will find this ride very enjoyable and you might even want to stop and take a moment to appreciate the beautiful surroundings.

The waterfall entrance is easy to find on Google Maps, you can see it when you get closer. At a bamboo Bali hut with ‘Leke Leke’ on it you can park your moped for free and walk to the official entrance.

If you didn’t bring your own water, you can purchase some at the warung before you walk down to the waterfall. But better is to always have your own reusable bottle with you.

Best time to visit Leke Leke waterfall

If you want to avoid the crowds and have the best light to take photos you should arrive before 12PM. But always check the weather forecast before you make your way to a waterfall. The steps can get slippery very quickly which makes the walk back a bit tricky.

You can easily combine a visit to Leke Leke with a visit to Nungnung waterfall as both are close to each other.

What to expect at Leke Leke waterfall

A scenic 15 minute jungle path leads down to the bottom of the waterfall. This trail is well maintained with steps cut into the ground. You will see beautiful flowers and plants along the way. There are some locals selling coconuts along the way, so if you get thirsty and forgot to bring water, don’t worry. I would highly recommend to bring mosquito repellent as the jungle is full of them waiting for you.

The path is very straight forward and well signposted. After you cross the bamboo bridge it is only a few minutes left until you will see the first glimpse of the beautiful Leke Leke waterfall. Nestled within a cove and covered by lush greens plants, this is a true beauty of a waterfall!

You won’t find any facilities down at the waterfall, just a tiny changing room and a bamboo hut to put your valuables on.

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The water of fall flows calm and gracefully down into the natural pool. It’s a photographers dream with the lush surroundings. And especially if you have a tripod with you, you can take beautiful long exposure pictures here.

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Photo tips for Leke Leke waterfall

There are actually only a few angles to shoot this waterfall properly from. The waterfall is perfectly coved with lush plants and the large boulder on the bottom makes it the perfect spot to put a model on and pose by the waterfall. You really need a wide angle lens to capture the whole fall. But with a zoomlens you can create other nice close up shots of the bottom of the waterfall.

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The best light to take photos here is between 10AM and 1PM. We preferred shooting from a higher angle so we could frame the waterfall behind some leaves to create depth.

If you like to take long exposure pictures, then don’t forget to take your tripod with you! This waterfall is perfect to take a long exposure from with the water flowing gently down the rocks.

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More waterfalls to visit

If you’ve finished exploring here then there are plenty of other Bali waterfalls which you can combine to visit. NungNung waterfall for example is only a 30 minute drive and is another must visit Bali waterfall. If you travel further up towards Munduk, then you will find a waterfall paradise. The Munduk waterfalls are also an absolute must visit but involve a hike to see all of them. If you want to explore something different than waterfalls, I would advice to go to Jatiluwih rice terraces to visit the UNESCO heritage of Bali.

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We hope you enjoyed this complete guide about some of the most beautiful Bali waterfalls.

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