LEKI Trekking Poles review (2022)

A short review of a few months’ experience with Khumbu and Cressida trekking poles from LEKI.

Despite having been a hiker for more years than I care to – or could possibly – calculate, I have never used trekking poles. To be honest, I’ve never quite seen the need to get a pair. But reading about the benefits of trekking poles on other hiking blogs made me wonder if I was missing something that would make my hiking easier and/or more comfortable. So I contacted Frederike, Marketing Manager of TCK Sports Group, which distributes (among other brands and products) LEKI trekking poles in the Benelux. In return for an honest review she sent a pair of Khumbu poles for me, and Cressida poles for Liz.

LEKI Trekking Poles review (1)

KHUMBU trekking poles

I first used my poles on my 12 km hike along the River Helle and to Lake Eupen. At first I felt a bit self-conscious with my shiny new sticks. It also took a few kilometers before I could get into a comfortable hiking rhythm. Should I be synchronizing the use of the poles with every footstep? Every other step? Randomly? In other words, do I use them to quickly “pitter-patter” along with me every footstep? With this rhythm I felt as my arms were moving unnaturally rapidly. Or do I take much longer “strides” with the poles, reaching out and pushing off every alternate stride? What I eventually worked out was somewhere in between the two extremes. Using each pole every third step. This seemed to me to be the most natural and most comfortable rhythm. So much so that I was soon able to forget that I was using them. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were indeed helping me to walk a little faster, a little more upright, and a little more comfortably.

I realized the biggest advantage though when I came to the first steep hill on the route. Now I could really use them to push off and give me extra lift. I reduced the rhythm so that the sticks were taking smaller steps, but by increasing the downwards pressure on them I found I was walking uphill quicker than I would have been without the sticks.

Going downhill on what was quite a wet and muddy path, the sticks provided much-needed support and preventing me from slipping. Also, a short stretch of the route was downhill on loose stones. If I didn’t have the sticks I would have been treading very carefully and balancing with my arms out horizontally. With the sticks, I had the feeling that I had two extra legs to support and balance me, and keep me from slipping.

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Using the poles meant that I did have to make other adjustments to my hiking behavior though. This was because I didn’t have my hands free. Quite often when I am hiking, I have a camera around my neck. If I want to photograph a view or point of interest, it’s a matter of quickly stopping, lifting the camera, and shooting. With the sticks it’s much more of a fuss. Stopping, finding somewhere to rest the poles, or leaning them against me while I take the picture, but then the poles fall to the floor … It wasn’t easy.

Also, when I’m hiking I often like to hold my Garmin GPS in my left hand. I actually wrap the strap around my left wrist and cradle the device in my palm. This makes it incredibly fast and easy to check the route. When I want to take a photo, I simply “drop” the Garmin (which is still held by the wrist) and I have both hands free to hold and operate the camera. Using the sticks meant I had to find another solution for my GPS. This could be around the neck, or in a pocket – so in other words less immediately accessible. However, this is just something I had to get used to. If anyone has worked out any clever way of hiking with two trekking poles, a GPS device and a camera … please let me know!


Cressida trekking poles

As her fitness center has been closed due to COVID for most of the past year, Liz goes for a walk every day and so has actually used her poles more than I’ve used mine. She also had never used trekking poles before and was initially apprehensive as to their value. However, she very quickly got used to them and now takes one pole with her on all her walks.

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“I find that my Cressida really helps my balance and equilibrium, especially when walking over rough ground. It gives me a sense of security on muddy ground too. I feel I’ve got extra support that will prevent me from slipping over. The pole is extremely light, so when I’m not using the pole – for example when walking along a road or pavement – it’s easy to carry.”

She did have a couple of less positive remarks. “I don’t use the hand-strap; it gets in the way a little. And when walking on stony ground or a road I don’t like the grating metallic noise that the metal tip makes on the hard ground.”

I mentioned the metallic clicking sound to Frederike who said that LEKI have the solution! She kindly sent over two packs of them. These are rubber tips that fix firmly to the end of the trekking poles. Liz is delighted with them as they totally eliminate the noise. Of course, you miss the grip that the sharp point provides when ascending or descending hills, but for local walks on flat ground, roads, pavements and canal paths, they are perfect.

LEKI trekking poles: tech specs

The product blurb says that Khumbu and Cressida poles offer the whole range of features:

  • Comfortable AERGON CorTec grips: yes, we both find the hand grips very comfortable. They fit the hand easily. We both don’t use the straps. Frederike pointed out that the Cressida that she recommended for Liz have grips in a compact design for smaller hands.
  • Speed Lock+ adjustment system for hassle-free pole length adjustment: yes, it’s an easy way to adjust the length of the poles that seems to work well. Each of the extendable portions has length markings, enabling you to get both poles exactly the same length. The Khumbu poles extend from 110 cm to 145 cm; the Cressida poles from 90 cm to 125 cm.
  • Lightweight, D27 high-strength aluminium shafts: yes, we find them very light weight but strong. Although we’ve only used them for a few months they show no sign of wear. The Khumbu poles weight 270 g; the Cressida poles 220 g.

Overall conclusion

We are both extremely pleased with our LEKI trekking poles. They improve our hiking experience, and we thoroughly recommend LEKI’s Khumbu and Cressida models. Thanks to Frederike and TCK Sports Group for providing us with these lovely poles to review.

(Video) Leki Micro Trail Pro Trekking Poles Full Review + Trail Testing

If you are interested in them are are living in Benelux, you can buy them online directly from LEKI by following these links: Khumbu and Cressida. They are also available from retailers. I receive no financial gain from your purchase.

LEKI Trekking Poles

74.95 (Khumbu)/ 104.95 EUR (Cressida)


(Video) My New Favorite Trekking Poles (Black Diamond Alpine Carbon vs Leki Micro Vario vs Zpacks UL)







Strong points

  • Lightweight
  • Comfy grip
  • Nice design
(Video) I THINK I BROKE THEM? REVIEW-Leki Micro Vario Trekking Poles!

Less strong points

  • Noisy (solved with tip)
  • Strap


Is it worth getting trekking poles? ›

Having trekking poles helps keep you stable. If your hike requires stream crossings, trekking poles are great. Having two poles to anchor your way across a series of slippery rocks is invaluable. Even if I'm not using trekking poles on my hike, I'll usually carry them in my pack just for this reason.

Is LEKI a good ski brand? ›

The PRC 700 ($200) from Leki is a high-quality, durable option for nordic skiers looking to train hard. With its 100% carbon shaft, hardened steel tips, super race baskets, and quick-release hand straps, this pole is all about speed and the long haul. The cork grip is comfortable for long days or doubles, too.

Is one trekking pole Enough? ›

Turns out though, one pole is plenty. Unless you're balancing 70 pounds on your back while walking over loose scree, I'm not really sure why you'd ever actually need two poles. One provides plenty of support and stability. River crossings are nearly as easy with just one.

Are LEKI poles sold in pairs? ›

Designed to fit over the ends of LEKI trekking poles and other comparable manufacturer's poles, LEKI Rubber Walking Tips allow you to use your trekking poles for inline skating, moderate Nordic walking or any other activity taking place indoors or on pavement. LEKI Rubber Walking Tips are sold in pairs.

How do you use a Leki walking stick? ›

Trekking / Hiking- "How to" with LEKI poles - YouTube

What height trekking pole do I need? ›

Height Adjustment:

Generally speaking, walking poles should be the height from the top of your palm (when your arm is down by your side) with your forearm held out in front of you at 90 degrees to your body. Essentially the top of the handle should be at waist/hip level and your elbow at 90 degrees.

Are composite ski poles good? ›

Ski poles built with composite materials are the strongest, most durable, and best for skiing in a resort. Poles made with a blend of aluminum and carbon are considered the best because they offer a good balance between strength and weight.

Are telescopic ski poles good? ›

Adjustable telescopic poles are one of the essentials for ski touring. Longer poles are appropriate for the ascent, shorter for the downhill. The decisive factor is the low weight, easy lock system control and a comfortable ergonomic handle, that would not absorb the cold.

Should ski poles match skis? ›

Poles + Anything

No. These do not need to match or be made by the same people.

Should I use 1 or 2 Trekking Pole? ›

Often, their tips are hardened carbide steel, with the ability to “set” into rock and soil to provide traction. Hikers often ask how two trekking poles are better than one “regular” walking stick. The simplest answer to this question is that poles give symmetrical support that one stick does not.

Does walking with poles use more energy? ›

Using walking poles results in burning more calories and giving your heart and lungs more of a workout than walking the same speed without walking poles. The difference is about one additional calorie per minute.

Why do walkers use two sticks? ›

Aid balance on uneven trails. Improve posture, making walkers more upright as they walk and in turn this can help breathing. Increase speed, especially going downhill. Provide extra stability.

Are Leki walking poles any good? ›

Leki make some of the best trekking poles in the business. They've been leaders in the market since 1970 and now make dedicated poles for all manner of outdoor sports, from skiing and trekking to trail running and Nordic walking. The Micro Vario Carbon Antishock poles are laden with features.

Where is Leki made? ›

The majority of LEKI products are manufactured in our factory in the Czech Republic.

Do carbon trekking poles break? ›

Why I'm DONE using CARBON FIBER trekking poles - YouTube

How do you walk with Leki trekking poles? ›

Nordic Walking - "How to" with LEKI poles - YouTube

What are some disadvantages of Nordic walking? ›

Some of the disadvantages of Nordic walking include the costly expenses, risk of tripping, complex and time-consuming techniques, discomfort, and interruption of other simple activities.

How do you secure Leki poles? ›

How to assemble your Leki Micro Vario Walking Poles - YouTube

What is the difference between a walking stick and a trekking stick? ›

4 Nordic walking poles are more sporty and work better on smoother terrain, including hills and most coastal paths. Trekking poles are better for rocky, uneven and mountainous terrain.

Do hiking sticks really help? ›

Trekking poles can also:

Improve your power and endurance when walking uphill. Aid balance on uneven trails. Improve posture, making walkers more upright as they walk and in turn this can help breathing. Increase speed, especially going downhill.

Do walking sticks help with balance? ›

It was observed that the use of a walking stick improved the balance and the independence level while reducing the risk of fall. Therefore, it has been concluded that using a walking stick should be recommended to the elderly individuals who have balance disorders and the risk of falling.

Do carbon fiber ski poles break? ›

Carbon poles do have a great deal of strength in compression, but are susceptible to breakage if loaded sideways.

Should you buy your own ski poles? ›

At a recreational level there is no need for anything flashy, so as long as the height is correct most poles will do the job. Usually they come as a package with the skis and boots at no extra cost, so you may as well get them even if it is your first time.

What material is best for ski poles? ›

For all-mountain skiing, sturdy aluminum poles make the most sense. They're durable—usually bending from a hard impact rather than breaking like carbon fiber—and plenty lightweight for days at the resort.

Is Blizzard a good ski brand? ›

Based in Austria and owned by the Tecnica group, Blizzard is a clear leader in the all-mountain market and a strong presence in the touring world too. Their collection features a host of our favorite one-quiver designs, including the Rustler, Bonafide, and Brahma.

Are Rossignol skis good? ›

While the Rossignol Experience 94 Ti won a "Best Ski" award in the men's category, our female testers found the Experience 88 Ti W pretty demanding. Overall performance is good. The ski is stable, grips well, and is particularly comfortable in short turns where it provides great rebound.

LEKI is one of the top brands of trekking poles when it comes to skiing and hiking.. When it comes to choosing the best trekking poles, there are many considerations such as weight, length, comfort, design, materials, and price.. Ultralight trekking poles are made from durable and light materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber.. Aluminum shafts are more durable and sturdy and can withstand extreme abuse such as hiking on rocky terrain, crossing rivers, and mountain climbing.. Telescopic trekking poles are ideal if you like to adjust your poles many times on your outdoor adventure.. Fixed-length poles are ideal for lightweight backpacking and hiking.. Cork grips provide excellent grip and comfort and help absorb vibration.. Other Pole Features Wrist Straps help reduce the strain on your hands and wrists.. In fact, there are affordable brands that provide the same comfort, stability, and support.. The PAS or Positive Angle Soft grip is very easy to adjust.. The wrist strap is adjustable and is made from durable nylon material.. LEKI offers the best trekking poles that provide excellent support and comfort.. Moreover, they also offer lightweight trekking poles and durable aluminum and carbon fiber trekking poles.

Leki produces aluminum and 100% carbon trekking poles for any trekking need you might encounter on the trails.. The poles will also have a Speed Lock System that allows you to quickly adjust the length of the pole while on the trail.. The large selection of trekking poles available for purchase on Amazon can make choosing a good pole difficult and confusing.. Pros Lightweight trekking pole Easily adjustable with a range of 14 inches Soft handle grips help prevent callouses Easy to adjust hand straps. Folding trekking poles are great because you do not need to readjust the length of your pole after each use.. Cons 8 inches of adjustable length.. PriceUnder $140Maximum Length51.18 inchesMinimum Length43.31 inchesCollapsed Length15 inchesWeight (Pair)18.3 ounces The Leki Corklite Trekking Poles are a consistent best seller amongst the trekking poles that Leki has to offer.. Pros 29 inches of adjustable length makes finding the right length extremely easy.. Extremely easy to adjust with the Speed Lock 2 Comfortable and lightweight wrist straps. First, carbon weighs less than aluminum.. Every ounce matters on the trail and carbon helps you reduce your ounces.. Second, carbon has much higher shock absorption and durability than what you will find in aluminum trekking poles.. The Cristallo can adjust up to 14 inches, which gives it a fairly large range compared to other trekking poles on the list.

Leki Black Series FX Carbon Trekking Poles are adjustable, carbon fiber, lightweight Z-style trekking poles that fold away into 3 sections for travel or for easy storage in your backpack when they are not needed.. While a bit expensive, with its overall excellent construction, adjustable length, adjustable wrist strap, and interchangeable tips, these poles are versatile across many uses, in all-season hiking, including winter use.. Specs at a Glance Best Use: Hiking, trekking, backpacking Shaft Construction: Carbon Fiber Hand Grip Material: Cork Adjustable: Yes Min/Max Length: 43 – 51” | 110 cm to 130 cm Collapsed Length: 16 | 40 cm Locking Mechanism: External lever lock Basket Type Included: Hiking/trekking with carbide tip Weight: (pair) 1 lb.. Leki Black Series FX Carbon Trekking Poles are adjustable, carbon fiber, lightweight Z-style trekking poles that fold away into 3 sections.Hikers who do not always need their poles will find that tri-fold poles are much more convenient to carry when not in use.. These poles weren’t in my hands for very long before I clearly saw the virtues of these Leki poles.. The strap length is surprisingly easy to adjust Carbon fiber makes these poles both lightweight and incredibly strong.. Being a bit more rugged makes these poles a bit heavier than some other carbon fiber poles, but overall these Leki poles are still superlight considering the “stiffness” they provide.. The cork grips on these Leki poles is much more comfortable than the foam handles on my Black Diamond folding poles.. Leki Pole tips and trekking baskets are interchangeable and replaceable when your current set wears out.As with other Leki poles, the completely replaceable and interchangeable basket system makes it super easy to screw off/on various Leki baskets for different seasons or uses.. I have grown quite fond of using lightweight Z-style, tri-fold hiking poles and thus had some expectations for how these poles should function.. They are a bit heavier than my other lightweight poles, but they are also more rugged and the construction of the poles is outstanding.. Where my other poles do not perform well (bushwhacking and winter use), these Leki poles will excel.. My other poles are of a fixed length and these Leki poles are fully adjustable.. They are a bit pricey, but for hikers who demand high-quality, lightweight carbon fiber poles that are fully adjustable and maintainable – you will really enjoy these poles.

Do you want to buy the best leki trekking pole ?. If they say bad things about this company's products, then avoid purchasing from them as much as possible because those reviews could be genuine and lead to a customer being unhappy with their purchase in the end.. The best leki trekking pole are made with quality materials Choosing a product is not always easy.. When you are looking for the best leki trekking pole to buy, they must be made with quality materials.. You are looking for the best leki trekking pole to buy, but you don't know where to start.. The best leki trekking pole can be bought at a lower price The best leki trekking pole can be bought at a lower price than you might think.. If you are looking to buy a product, it is worth considering the best leki trekking pole can be purchased at a lower price.. You'll save money in the long run if you buy high-quality products Many products out there might be tempting to buy on the cheap, but in reality, they're not worth your money.. Buying the best leki trekking pole will have a guaranteed warranty policy We all know how difficult it can be to pick out the right product for our needs.

-Hand straps are skin-like and secure. -Ultra-Sonic Finish; positive angle. -Has the tightening system of twisting the poles. -Measures 67 to 135cm; range is 26.4 to 53.1 inches. -Weight is 17.57 ounces. -Speedlock2 Lock System on aluminum shafts. -Grips are 20% latex and 80% cork material. -Dimpled rubberized tops have good grip points. -Flex Carbide tips deflect as much as 30 degrees. Since you can depend so much on these comfort features of these trekking poles, you will feel less pressure when traversing either up or downhill on your excursions.. This natural cork material is a hard substance that is very sturdy and tough mile after mile.The flexible skin straps did not last long for some people, but the company replaced them with sturdier straps quickly to ensure they were happy with their purchase.. Depending on where you will be using these excellent Corklite Trekking Poles, you may need to change out the baskets on them.. There are sharp tips on the Leki Corklite.. The Corklite Trekking Poles in this review are the 2015 model that is a pair of poles.. The handgrip is smaller than a few other pole models, according to customers.. This excellent Leki Corklite product would most likely have a perfect rating had it not been for several people receiving only one of the two poles in this set.. They are super comfortable, flexible, dependable, adjustable and tough to almost any hiking and backpacking use on most surface areas.. The baskets and the tips can be changed out if needed.. Toss out that trusted old walking stick that you have been using for years and get a pair of Leki Corklite Poles.

My Leki MCT 12 Vario Carbon Poles Review details a cross trail pole of the highest quality.. The MCT 12 Vario Carbon Poles feature a 3 section 100% carbon construction that opens and closes using an avalanche probe style system.. Adjustability The top section features a sliding section giving length adjustability between 110 and 130 cms.. The grips feature Leki’s Cross Shark grip pattern which aids both grip and ventilation.. Once it is all locked together you can slide the top section over the narrower section to adjust the length.. Cross Shark Pattern The cork feel handle grip is both grippy and extremely comfortable.. Trigger Shark system As mentioned earlier in this Leki MCT 12 Vario Carbon poles review, the poles feature Leki’s Trigger Shark system.. This allows the hand to be completely detached from the pole within a second or two.. I have now used the trigger system on several models of Leki poles and have always found it to be superb.. The leashes supplied with the MCT 12 Vario Carbons are designed to be comfortable and highly breathable.. Like all the previous Leki products I have used, my Leki MCT 12 Vario Carbon Poles review reveals a superbly designed and engineered multi-activity pole system.

The Leki Albula Lite V trekking poles are not just your average support system out on the trail.. The Albula Lite V Trekking Poles come with Trigger S Vertical system that replaces traditional wrist straps.. The system joins the Trigger S Vertical strap to the connection point that is integrated into the handle of the pole.. The system is designed for skiing so if you fall and enough force is put through the poles, the system will release the straps and you will become detached from the poles – in theory.. But Leki have gone right off-piste with the introduction of the Trigger S Vertical system into their trekking pole line.. Aside from this innovative and bold rethinking of the traditional trekking pole, the Albula Lite V poles themselves are also highly pleasing to use.. But it’s on the steep uphills and loose downhills when the Albula Lite V poles and Trigger S Vertical glove combo really come into their own.. I really love not worrying about gripping the poles, and I find that I have a much more relaxed grip when wearing the gloves, letting the gloves take the weight through my wrists.. As well as this added stability that the gloves provide, the flexband in the gloves means that the grip head on the pole handle can be used to its full potential on the downhills, again, without worrying about losing the poles to gravity.. The transition between the two grip positions (normal grip on the handle and top grip on the head of the pole), is seamless.. The Leki Albula Lite V trekking poles are a truly refreshing approach to trekking poles.. But it’s the Trigger S Vertical system, when used in steep and challenging terrain, that sets these already great trekking poles apart from the rest of the crowd.

Poles have improved over the past 16 years, and while I really liked some options that push $200, the poles I recommend for most people, Cascade Mountain Tech’s Carbon Fiber Quick Lock trekking poles , retail for just $45.. At 8.5 ounces per pole, they’re slightly heavier than the Cascade Mountain Tech poles, and I’d love to see these an ounce or two lighter.. (Courtesy LEKI) These Leki Micro Vario Black Carbon poles (8.5 oz) rival the performance of the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Corks, with strong shafts, seamless hand-extension grips, long-lasting carbide tips, and reliable locking and adjustment systems.. Ultimately, I don’t feel that these poles are $70 nicer than the Alpine Carbon Corks, and in general I can’t recommend spending more than $200 on trekking poles when a very decent option is available for less than $45.. You won’t notice the difference between a six- and eight-ounce pole when it’s in your backpack, but because of the leverage poles generate when swinging in your hand, a six-ounce pole will feel dramatically different than an eight-ounce model.. All things being equal, a trekking pole with a one-piece shaft will be both less expensive and lighter and stronger than a trekking pole with a multipiece shaft.

Folding, four-section, adjustable poles —a category with only a few competitors—the MC 12 Vario and all of Leki’s Cross Trail series poles share the unique feature of the Cross Shark strap and grip .. Based on the quick-release trigger shark grip developed for Nordic ski poles, the hook-and-loop strap wraps and seals around the hand, while a button on top of the grip, easily depressed with your thumb, releases the strap to free your hand from the pole without constantly having to rip the strap off and on.. Leki MC 12 Vario poles strap.This design will appeal most to ultra-hikers, runners, and racers on mountain trails as well as dayhikers and backpackers who value light and highly functional trekking poles.. To fold the poles for storage, open the lever, extend the second section to the red “lock” line until it clicks, then slide the second section completely into the upper one, fold the two lower sections and close the lever.. While comparable to other folding, adjustable poles, that’s not as broad an adjustability range as many collapsible (or telescoping) poles have and not long enough to use with some ultralight tents that pitch with trekking poles, but similar to the range of many models.. Leki MC 12 Vario poles folded.The folded length of 42cm/16.5 inches , while not quite as short as other folding pole models, allows these poles to attach unobtrusively to the outside of a running vest or small daypack and fit inside just about any luggage, even many carry-ons.. If you want all the performance of the MC 12 Vario poles without the Cross Shark strap and grip, see my review of the very similar Leki Micro Vario Carbon Black Series poles.. For many hikers, mountain runners, backpackers, and climbers who like the idea of poles that combine low weight, strength, packability, and exceptional performance—especially (though not only) for speed and long distances—the Leki MC 12 Vario poles have one-of-a-kind functionality.

In that time, the technology of pole construction evolved at a remarkable rate—from heavy aluminum poles with no adjustability, to ultra-lightweight carbon fiber contraptions of variable length that can pack down small enough to fit in your hydration vest.. Features like shaft geometry and diameter, optimal weight distribution, strap convenience, and speed of collapsing and extending the poles became performance contributors in much the same way that runners consider shoe grip and jacket breathability.. Instead of unstrapping from the glove to free your hand, you press on the top of the pole to activate a quick-release mechanism and disconnect from the pole.. Another unique design aspect of the FK Ultra is positioning of the straps, which are anchored on top of the pole instead of just below the top surface like other poles.. We really enjoyed this design, as it directs all of the downward pressure from your straps through the top of the pole – and it’s ideally positioned if you’re one who likes pushing directly on top of the pole.. Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z ($170) Black Diamond has a well-established reputation for creating the lightest trekking poles on the market, and the Distance Carbon Z is their lightest folding pole.. The straps anchor just below the top of the pole, and are designated with left and right sides, but we were able to use the poles interchangeably on either side without noticing a difference.. Case in point is Black Diamond’s Distance Carbon pole, which is essentially the same model as the Distance Carbon Z, but without the collapsibility.. It weighs in a full 25% lighter than the Distance Carbon Z, and the difference in weight is definitely noticeable; it feels like you’re barely swinging any weight at all when using these poles, and their weight isn’t burdensome in the least when you’re carrying them.. Compared to the Z-pole version, the Distance Carbon poles have a slightly thinner handle, but handle construction is otherwise identical, with deep ribs cut into firm contoured EVA, and moisture-wicking straps anchored just below the top.. One other distinction for these Black Diamond poles compared to the Z-pole version is that they are available in smaller, 5cm length increments, as opposed to 10cm increments on the Distance Carbon Z.. As with the Distance Carbon Z, these Distance Carbon poles come with rubber tech tips installed, and carbide tips included.. LEKI MCT 12 VarioUltimate Direction. FK UltraBlack Diamond Distance Carbon ZBlack Diamond Distance CarbonWeight (single pole, for 130cm length)200g165g160g100g Grip and Strap Cork grip with Trigger Shark mesh strapEVA foam grip with nylon strapEVA foam grip with nylon strapEVA foam grip with nylon strap Adjustable length?

Collapsed Length: Men’s – 40cm (16in), Women’s – 40cm (16in). The LEKI Micro Vario Carbons are what is considered a combination-style trekking pole; as well as folding down into short segments, the poles also have a segment of telescoping length adjustment directly below the grip, enabling the user to not only pack down the poles to a small size, but also adjust the length as needed.. It packs small, is easily deployed, and it’s highly adjustable, all while being durable and comfortable.. Collapsed Length: Men's - 40cm (16in), Women's - 40cm (16in). Collapse Style: Telescopic (Quick Lock). As arguably the most expensive trekking poles on the 2021 list, the LEKI Micro Vario Carbons have a lot to prove, and in fact, they do so quite swimmingly.. You’ll find that not only are these some of the lightest trekking poles on our list but also amongst the most comfortable and the highest rated by experienced hikers.. While there are definitely lighter poles out there, these poles are actually near the middle of our list when it comes to the overall weight.. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that matches the MVC’s durability or its length adjustment.. In addition, the additional weight you get with the LEKIs has gone toward their overall durability (i.e. bulkier locking mechanisms and thicker carbon shafts).. In terms of height adjustment, the MVCs only have a 20cm adjustment range, running from 110-130cm for the men’s trekking pole and 100-120cm for the women’s trekking pole.. Once you’ve found the right length for your poles, you’ll keep them in place using the Speed Lock 2 external lever lock.. The Micro Vario Carbons boast 100% High Modulus Carbon shaft sections, making them both lightweight and reliable compared to the 80% High Modulus Carbon Fiber (20% aluminum) composites of the Micro Vario Carbon AS.. However, you can definitely feel the quality when you hold these poles in your hand, and when you’re on a long hike and need to feel confident in your gear, the comfort you get can go a long way.. It packs small, is easily deployed, and is highly adjustable—all while being durable and comfortable.


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