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Are you one of them who like running on the trails and hitting the gym often? If your answer is assertive, wearing minimalist shoes is your priority, isn’t it? However, choosing a good one from the market must be difficult for you as everyone acclaims theirs’ as the best one.

Don’t worry; we are here to get you all covered – displaying the details about Merrell Trail Glove 5 Vs New Balance Minimus 10 to make your pick easier.

So, without delay, let’s dive into the article, know more about them, and pick the best one suitable for you.

Merrell Trail Glove 5 Vs New Balance Minimus 10- A: Quick Comparison

Key Comparing FactorsMerrell Trail Glove 5New Balance Minimus 10
Product Dimensions10 x 15 x 6 inches13 x 8 x 5 inches
Heel to Toe Drop0mm4mm
Arch SupportNeutralNeutral

Differences and Similarities Between Merrell Trail Glove 5 And New Balance Minimus 10

Merrell Trail Glove 5 vs. New Balance Minimus 10 - Pick Best One - ShoeBallistics (1)

Now, that you already got an idea about both of the shoes, let’s move forward and learn about them in-depth to get a better understanding of them.

1. The Zero Drop Supremacy

Zero drop means there is no height difference between heel and toe.

Merrell trail glove 5 provides this exclusive feature, whereas New Balance was reluctant to make an entire minimalist shoe, so they kept a heel-to-toe drop of 4mm.

Because of this zero-drop feature, you can run in those Merrell Trail Glove 5 all day without any foot pain. But another problem of running in a zero drop shoe is you can bruise your heels, hitting on rocks.

In this case, not having a zero drop feature favors the New Balance Minimus 10. Apart from this problem, the zero drop idea is amazing for a minimalist shoe. It gives you the feeling of running barefoot.

(Video) A Barefoot Shoe With A Twist. Merrell Trail Glove 6 Review

Check out for more running zero drop shoes here.

2. Weight, Flexibility, and Toe Box Equivalency

Merrell Trail Glove 5 and New Balance Minimus 10 are pretty lightweight, but Merrell is lighter than the other. It’s easier to run in them than most other barefoot shoes in the market.

Another great feature of the Merrell Trail shoe is its wide toe box. So, people with larger toes feel more comfortable in this shoe.

Now, it is a minus point for New Balance.

However, the New Balance Minimus 10 has a softer and more flexible forefoot than Merrell Trail Glove 5. It is supposed to make the New Balance more comfortable, but it provides less protection for your forefoot, and you will get a more ground feel.

3. Performance Comparison

Merrell Trail Glove 5 vs. New Balance Minimus 10 - Pick Best One - ShoeBallistics (2)

According to the performance of the shoes, Merrell Trail Glove 5 is a true barefoot shoe, whereas the New Balance Minimus 10 is more of a minimalist shoe. And, why is that?

Merrell Trail Glove 5 will provide you with the actual barefoot feeling and is the more flexible of the two options. But because of this feature, it offers less protection than the New Balance one.

New Balance Minimus 10 has a better-designed interior that won’t hurt your bare feet.

It provides a better fit and well-cushioned midsole that protects your feet from getting hurt from the tracks.

(Video) Merrell Men's Trail Glove 5 (Review)

As Merrell Trail Glove 5 has better flexibility and a zero-drop feature, it comes with a thinner Vibram outsole. Therefore, it provides minimum protection against the harsh track even if you run on a soft, smooth trail.

So, you can imagine what it would feel on a rocky mountain track.

On the other hand, the New Balance Minimus 10 has a 4mm heel-to-toe drop which won’t provide you a zero drop feeling but will protect your heels from getting bruised. And the fantastic fit that comes with it, you will have a satisfying and enjoyable experience of running without hurting your feet on the hard rocky trails.

4. Traction

Trail runners place a high value on their trail shoes’ traction because it is a crucial characteristic to consider.

And in this area, Merrell Trail Glove 5 has earned a great amount of praise from the users.

Other barefoot shoes are designed to get a grip on the ground from the toe’s ability to flex and splay into the ground. Instead, the Merrell trail glove has particularly sticky rubber over the forefoot, and well-designed lugs across the outsole resemble a chainsaw blade’s teeth.

It also has switch directions at the midsole that increase the grip up and provides a braking ability on the way down.

But the New Balance has disappointed its users in this area.

The shoe’s Vibram outsole is filled with rounded lug designs that are supposed to provide multidirectional traction so that you can hop around anywhere without worrying about where your next footstep will fall.

It does work great on rocks, and these are very stable while you will be side-hilling. However, in the overall traction on straightforward climbing and descent on trails – the outcome was not impressive.

(Video) Merrell Shoe Preview - Jungle Moc XX, MTL Ciruss, Trail Glove 5, Choprock, Range Engearment at or1

The outsole design of the New balance provides better traction on the roads rather than trails. They might not work great on the dry dirt trails, but they proved to be working great on the tacky ones.

5. Versatility

If we want to measure the versatility of both shoes, then we have to go with Merrell Trail Glove 5. Because it does an excellent job protecting your feet from the trails – undoubtedly a great choice to hit the gym.

On the other hand, New Balance is a bit of an overkill if you want to use them in the gym. They are more fit for running the trails as they provide better protection for your feet from the harsh trails.

Then again, Merrell Trail Gloves has better breathability and stability than that New Balance.

So, it’s more comfortable to wear and makes it a perfect choice for the gym. But as for running on the trails of mountain and dirt roads, New Balance Minimus 10 is a much better option for you.

6. Durability and Value

If we want to compare the durability of the two shoes, we have to go with New Balance Minimus 10 for its mighty durability.

Trail Glove also has a sturdy exterior and a slightly thicker layer of TPU at the front of the shoe that protects it from abrasion. However, it has some durability issues.

The prices of both shoes are middle ranged, and they are pretty reasonable considering the durability and service they offer.

Pros and Cons of Merrell Trail Glove 5

Learning about the pros and cons of a particular product helps you decide whether you should go for it or not.

So, let’s see the pros and cons of the Merrell Trail Glove 5.

(Video) Best Merrell Running Shoes Reviews in 2022 | Best Budget Merrell Running Shoes


  • Works just like the name – fits like a glove in real.
  • Extremely light and durable
  • It comes with top-notch versatility
  • Cost-effective.
  • The shoes have a very stylish look.
  • Merrell Trail Glove 5 is very grippy and has a flexible upper fit.


  • The shoes will rub against your skin.
  • The outsole is pretty stiff.

Pros and Cons of New Balance Minimus 10

Now, let’s see the pros and cons of New Balance Minimus 10.


  • New Balance Minimus 10 is a multipurpose lightweight shoe.
  • Durable outsole and excellent cushioning
  • Pretty flexible, breathable, and have sufficient stability.
  • They have a very stylish outlook and provide support for your feet.


  • They have a narrow toe box, and the upper mesh rips easily.
  • The shoes are unsuitable for high-impact movement.
  • The line has limited colorways.

Which One Should You Pick- Merrell Trail Glove 5 or New Balance Minimus 10

Merrell Trail Glove 5 vs. New Balance Minimus 10 - Pick Best One - ShoeBallistics (3)

It’s totally your preference which one you should get considering your needs. However, if we have to lean towards one more than the other, then it should be New Balance Minimus 10.

Because Merrell Trail Glove 5 may fit better and have zero drop feeling, your feet also need protection when it comes to running outside. Yes, New Balance might not be as comfortable as the Merrell one, but it will provide your feet with the perfect protection.

If you are not that outdoorsy, you can go for the Merrell Trail Glove 5. But if you are a hardcore trail runner, then the New Balance on should be your choice.


  • Is Merrell Trail Glove 5 good enough for marathon running?

Yes, they are better suited for light trail running. However, they may not be suitable for a hardcore trail runner.

  • Can I wash my Merrell Trail Glove 5?

Yes, you sure can. Wash them with mild soap and warm water and dry them at room temperature, opening them fully. Remove the insole and laces too. However, remember to rinse all soap residue during washing and avoid exposure to heat during drying.

  • Are New Balance Minimus 10 running shoes true to size?

No, they aren’t suitable for people with wide feet. In that case, Merrell ones are good for you. However, New Balance Minimus 10 delivers a more breathable and comfortable fit for medium-footed runners.

Bottom Line

Now that you know almost everything about the Merrell Trail Glove 5 Vs. New Balance Minimus 10, it will be easier for you to choose one according to your needs.

But don’t choose a low-quality one to save some money. Even if the shoes are out of your range, try to get the best one because buying cheaper shoes, again and again, is more costly than purchasing a good expensive one.

(Video) New Balance Minimus 10 V1 Trail Runner Review

Check the features of New Balance Minimus 10 and Merrell Trail Glove 5 here to decide your buy.


Are Merrell Trail Glove 5 good for running? ›

Performance. The Trail Glove 5 is a versatile running shoe. The merits of its construction are highlighted on uneven mountain trails, and the shoe has a low-profile design that is lightweight and airy, keeping feet cool over miles of pavement.

Are Merrels good for running? ›

They are if they are flat and encourage the natural movement and function of your foot. One of my favorite Merrrell minimalist shoes for forefoot running is the Trail Glove 3.

Is Merrell vapor glove zero drop? ›

The Vapor Glove seems to be the perfect combination of design features that result in superior ground-feel: a thin outsole, zero-drop, a wide toe box, and exceptional flexibility.

Does Merrell have a running shoe? ›

Merrell men's and women's trail running shoes will help you connect with the earth while you perfect your running form. Choose cushioned running shoes for your longer, more intense runs.

What is Merrell FloatPro? ›

FloatPro is a recent addition to Merrell's running line. It's a lightweight and medium-density midsole that is, again, highly versatile. The Moab Flight has a decent slab of it (30-20mm heel-toe).

Can I run with hiking shoes? ›

Yes, you can run in hiking shoes occasionally but it is not recommended for regular run training. Most runners are putting in 5 to 25+ miles a week on their running shoes. Hiking shoes are not built for this much running mileage.

Do Merrell barefoot shoes have arch support? ›

The Merrell Trail Glove 6 provides a surprising amount of support for a barefoot shoe. It uses features commonly found in more robust trail running shoes (and even hiking shoes), like a rock plate, 3 mm deep lugs, and small but noticeable arch support.

Is the Merrell vapor glove waterproof? ›

Waterproof shoes and boots feature a waterproof-breathable membrane and a gusseted tongue to help keep your feet dry in wet conditions.

Can I wash merrells? ›

Cleaning: On a regular basis, brush away any surface dirt with a soft brush. After extended, rugged use, wash with mild soap and warm water. Be sure to rinse off all soap residue to avoid attracting more dirt. Drying: Open footwear fully, remove the insole and laces and dry at room temperature.


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