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  • 1 Quick Walkthrough
  • 2 Detailed Walkthrough
  • 3 Quest Stages

Investigate the shadow hanging over Leki's Blade.

Something dark lurks below Leki's Blade

I've arrived at Leki's Blade, a school of swordsmanship in the sands of Alik'r.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Disciple Tafa at-Makela.
  2. Answer the riddles from Smith Nabeenam.
  3. Talk to Disciple Raifa af-Haba
  4. Defeat several recruits in battle at one time.
  5. Talk to Master Fadalia.
  6. Drink from the Cup of Visions and recover the required items.
  7. Pray at Leki's shrines.
  8. Receive the master's blessing.
  9. Talk to Tafa.
  10. Enter the crypt.
  11. Find Master Fadalia.
  12. Talk to Arbiter Salida al-Natedan.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Upon walking into Leki's Blade, you will see a disciple sitting on a rug near the southernmost exit. Talking with her, she asks if you can study with her and the other students, as she can see your battle experience just by looking at you. With her, you will learn the methods of the masters. Before anyone will teach you, however, you must first speak with Smith Nabeenam— as is tradition.

Answer the 3 Riddles from Smith Nabeenam. The answers are not entirely obvious until he explains them afterwards.

"Listen! This is a tale of Master Fadalia, blademaster of Leki's Blade. While on walkabout, Master Fadalia encountered a wagon.
The wagon's owner was an uninjured woman, facing an unmasked man. He held a battered axe; she, a pristine blade."
What did Master Fadalia do?
"The woman said the man was a bandit who had already attacked her once. She begged Master Fadalia to intervene.
Master Fadalia walked away, yet the woman lived to tell her tale. Why did she live?"
Both the man and the woman were bandits.
"You see as Master Fadalia did. The woman claimed she fought the bandit, yet she had no wounds. Had she parried his axe, her pristine blade would be notched.
Had Master Fadalia faced the "bandit," the woman would have stabbed her in the back."
"Then hear the story of Master Ahram Sesnit. Long ago, a foreign mage came to challenge us. He claimed his power a match for our blades. One by one, he dueled our students.
This master of alteration could turn steel to mist at will. Every student lost."
Did anyone defeat him?
"Master Ahram was an initiate, yet he faced the mage and won. So handily, in fact, that his opponent made apologies and left, forever shamed.
Of all the students who faced the mage, Master Ahram was far from the best warrior. How did Master Ahram win the duel?"
Master Ahram used a wooden training sword.
"You see as Master Ahram did.
The foreign mage claimed his power a match for our blades. Indeed, any steel that threatened him turned to mist as fast as one could blink, but a training sword is wood, and wood is nothing like steel."
I'm ready for your next story.
"I tell you now the story of Master Ahram Sesnit's end.
Long ago, Master Ahram was the blademaster here. In his last days, he called his favorite student to him. If she could give him what he wanted most, she would become the next blademaster of Leki's Blade."
What did Master Ahram want?
"That is what you must discover. Master Ahram's legend is known by all, even the serving folk. Direct your questions to them—Halam, Unar, and Iman.
Once you know what they know, return to me and give your answer."

You are asked to speak to the residents of Leki's Blade. Of the three residents available, Unar explicitly tells you the answer when asked.

She asked him to get her blade back from the bandits, giving him a last battle.
"You see as the young student did, so long ago.
By that time, Master Ahram was old and weak. No Redguard wishes to die in bed, but it's shameful to take one's own life to avoid hardship. Master Ahram left, not to die, but to face one last battle."

Once you have answered the last riddle, talk to Disciple Raifa af-Haba in the southeast. He will ask you to face several recruits - all at once, since you evidently have more combat experience. A tough but manageable fight if you get your own tactics right. Fortunately, these students and their masters are not bound by Master Ahram's reputed hatred of magic and enchantments, so you can use spells, potions, magic weapons, whatever tactic you like.

After successfully fighting the three recruits, meet with Master Fadalia, who stands across from where Disciple Tafa was lounging at the southern entrance. She will tell you to drink from the Cup of Visions and recover several ritual items in your dream state, bringing them to the steps of the Blade afterwards. The items are easy to find, but in the dream-state, the entirety of Leki's Blade is filled with Bloodfiends, Fallen Disciples, and Fallen Novices. As you collect each relic, you will receive some very disturbing messages from a disembodied voice:

Unearthly Voice: "This hallowed ground is cursed with our blood."
Unearthly Voice: "The master's secret must be revealed …."
Unearthly Voice: "She hasn't the strength. You must be stronger."
Have you actually been killing off townsfolk in your dream? No, as it happens - when you pick up the third item, everything will return to normal.

Walk up the Blade's steps, depositing the items via a quick prayer at the relevant shrines along the way. Enter the master's chambers, take your place kneeling on a mat with the students... and watch as it is revealed that, in fact, Master Ahram got more than he bargained for in his "final battle": though he is still with us, he does so as a vampire, and has been feasting on the blood of students as sustenance. As this plot unravels, those around you are all briefly enthralled.

Master Ahram Sesnit: "Another fine batch of flesh! Fadalia, you've done well."
Master Fadalia: "I beg you, stop this madness!"
Master Ahram Sesnit: "Don't be weak. Now stand aside, for I wish to feed."
Master Fadalia: "No! I cannot allow this to go on!"
Master Ahram Sesnit: "Fool! Then I will take your blood myself!"

When you talk to her, Fadalia admits that she has been giving disciples to the old master all this time. She asks you to defeat him, as her dying wish— she expects to die after this, likely due to her treasonous actions, and possibly because of her being turned as well. She also tells you to tell the others of her treachery, even though they won't believe it: Tafa will curse you for implying that, even.

Master Fadalia: "My disciples, this stranger speaks the truth. We must go to the graveyard."
Master Fadalia: "I will explain more soon. But for now, call upon an arbiter. She must hear my confession as well."
Master Fadalia: "Leki grant me strength … I must not delay any longer!"
Master Fadalia: "I must call an arbiter to oversee my punishment. Leki protect you, friend."

Head to the northeast, where there sits a relatively-small graveyard: central to the graveyard is the trapdoor entrance to Ahram's tomb: and go through it and dispatch him. Ahram himself is a very tough mini-boss, he hits very hard in a small space where there isn't a great deal of room to manoeuvre.

When you come out, Arbiter Salida has been summoned, and you must decide Fadalia's fate - either she dies, or she lives on in her state as a vampire with everybody knowing about it. Although she mentions the Master's care and attention towards her students, Tafa wants her dead for her traitorous actions; although he believes the undead have no place in Alik'r, Raifa thinks she can be allowed to survive since they know what she is, and she may be able to offer other insights into how to combat the undead. Fadalia herself will accept her death, and indeed believes it's the only way to atone for having hidden the situation for so long: if this is the player's choice as well, the arbiter tells her to die by her own hand. If she lives, she is exiled.

Either way, whether she lives or dies, you get the same reward for the quest, and one of the two remaining senior members of the community is unhappy at your decision.

Quest Stages[edit]

Master of Leki's Blade
Finishes QuestJournal Entry
Disciple Tafa at-Makela asked me to keep my eyes open, as she fears the students at Leki's Blade are in some kind of danger. I must train as a student would, starting with Smith Nabeenam in the forge.

Objective: Answer the First Riddle from Smith Nabeenam

I've solved the first riddle posed by Smith Nabeenam. I must listen carefully to the next story and choose my answer well.

Objective: Answer the Second Riddle from Smith Nabeenam

I've solved the second riddle posed by Smith Nabeenam. I must listen carefully to the next story and choose my answer well.

Objective: Listen to the Third Riddle from Smith Nabeenam

The third riddle Smith Nabeenam told me requires that I speak to residents of Leki's Blade

Hidden Objective: Talk to Unar

(HINT: Master Ahram's last battle was with a group of bandits.)

Hidden Objective: Talk to Halam

(HINT: The steward told me one of the master's sayings: "We do not choose when we rest. To give up the hard road is to bring suffering to the next traveler.)

Hidden Objective: Talk to Iman

(HINT: I've learned that Master Ahram hated enchantments of any purpose.)

Objective: Answer the Third Riddle from Smith Nabeenam

I must seek out Disciple Raifa af-Haba in the southeast circle of Leki's Blade to continue the rite.

Objective: Talk to Disciple Raifa af-Haba

Disciple Raifa af-Haba asked me to duel and defeat his students.

Objective: Defeat the Pupils

I should find Master Fadalia - she waits for me at the entrance. There I will take the last step in the rite of Leki's Blade.

Objective: Talk to Master Fadalia

Master Fadalia told me that I must drink from the Cup of Visions at Leki's Blade. With luck, I will obtain a vision while in a dream-state.

Objective: Drink from the Cup of Visions

Master Fadalia asked me to recover Raifa's sword, Tafa's shield, and Nabeenam's hammer. I will find these while dreaming in Leki's Blade.

Objective: Collect Nabeenam's hammer

Objective: Collect Tafa's shield

Objective: Collect Raifa's sword

I obtained the three armaments in the dream, and hold them in my thoughts. I should pray at each of their shrines before entering the master's chambers.

Hidden Objective: Pray at the Shrine of Tafa's shield

Hidden Objective: Pray at the Shrine of Nabeenam's hammer

Hidden Objective: Pray at the Shrine of Raifa's sword

Objective: Pray at Leki's Shrines

I've prayed at the shrines and obtained their wisdom. Now I must enter the master's chambers to receive her blessing.

Hidden Objective: Enter the Master's Chambers

Hidden Objective: Sit Among the Students

Objective: Complete the Rites of Leki's Blade

As I entered the chambers, I saw a strange scene - the master confronting the old master of legend. I should question Master Fadalia to find out what's going on.

Objective: Talk to Master Fadalia

Master Fadalia confessed the secret she's been hiding from the others - the old master has risen from his grave as a vampire, and turned her. She's asked me to tell the others as she prepares herself for her inevitable death.

Objective: Talk to Disciple Tafa at-Makela

Master Fadalia asked me to go after Master Ahram Sesnit - she said he would flee to his crypt. I should find where that is and follow him.

Objective: Go to Master Ahram Sesnit's Grave

Master Fadalia asked me to go after Master Ahram Sesnit - she said he would flee to his crypt. I should follow him and end his unholy life.

Objective: Defeat Master Ahram Sesnit

I need to return to Leki's Blade and find Master Fadalia.

Objective: Find Master Fadalia

I found Master Fadalia at the old master's gravesite, awaiting judgment. I should speak to Arbiter Salida al-Natedan and find out what's been decided.

Objective: Decide Master Fadalia's Fate

Master Fadalia has been spared, but is exiled from the school. Disciple Tafa at-Makela left in disgust, and now only Disciple Raifa af-Haba remains. I should speak to him and find out what he plans to do next. (If Master Fadalia lives) <OR>
Line if Master Fadalia dies (If Master Fadalia dies)

Objective: Talk to Disciple Raifa af-Haba

Objective: Talk to Disciple Raifa af-Haba

"Only those who prove themselves beneath Leki's Blade can be taught by its masters.. Master Fadalia : "No!. Master Fadalia: "My disciples, this stranger speaks the truth.. After defeating Ahram, she will be waiting in the graveyard with Disciple Tafa at-Makela, Disciple Raifa af-Haba, and Arbiter Salida al-Natedan :. Arbiter Salida al-Natedan : "I am sorry, Tafa.". If you decide to let Fadalia go free and speak to her before completing the quest with Disciple Raifa af-Haba, she'll say:

Altmer Auridon concept art by Zenimax Studios for Elder Scrolls Online Eyevea concept art by Zenimax Studios for Elder Scrolls Online The Mage by Isriana @ Deviantart Altmer Flamecloak by Radishez @ Deviantart (Deactivated) Wizard's Tower by NM-Art @ Deviantart. Bosmer Valenwood Concept Art by Zenimax Studios for Elder Scrolls Online Wood Elf Avatar by Dire Wolf Digital for Elder Scrolls: Legends Kyonin Art by Paizo for Pathfinder Garruk's Horde by Wizards of the Coast for Magic the Gathering Bosmer Dwelling art by Zenimax Studios for Elder Scrolls Online. Knight Pelinal Whitestrake Concept Art by Bethesda Softworks For TES4: Oblivion - Knights of the Nine Morrowind: Indoril Paladin by IgorLevchenko @ Deviantart Argonian dragonknight by Yacrical @ Deviantart Redguard Avatar by Dire Wolf Digital for Elder Scrolls: Legends Nord Warrior Concept Art by Zenimax Studios for Elder Scrolls: Online. Appendix B Revival Lorkhan by Vanuchka @ Deviantart Auri-el/Akatosh by Zyraxea @ Deviantart Arkay Stained Glass by Bethesda Studios for TES4: Oblivion Dibella by PROTECAT @ Deviantart Julianos Stained Glass by Bethesda Studios for TES4: Oblivion Wind Queen by Woari @ Deviantart Mara Stained Glass by Bethesda Studios for TES4: Oblivion Hammer Buff by Skaya3000 @ Deviantart Zenithar Stained Glass by Bethesda Studios for TES4: Oblivion For Seen Warrior (Azura X MReader) by dragonslayerman6 @ Deviantart Boethiah by Freaky-Vitta @ Deviantart Doodle Clavicus Vile by Skitamine @ Deviantart Black Book by TheMinttu @ Deviantart Hircine by PinkyPills @ Deviantart demon 2 by Kanartist @ Deviantart Mehrunes Dagon by Ennio Caglià Mephala the Webspinner by MarkoTheSketchGuy @ Deviantart Meridia by Isriana @ Deviantart Molag Bal Art by Zenimax Studios for Elder Scrolls: Online Armaros, Angel of Undoing by PeterMohrbacher @ Deviantart Nocturnal.. Appendix D Elder Scrolls - Fire Atronach 02 by ISignRob @ Deviantart skyrim by shetheed @ Deviantart Frost Atronach Concept Art by Bethesda Softworks for TES5: Skyrim Storm Atronach Concept Art by Bethesda Softworks for TES5: Skyrim Clannfear Cutout by Mark Jones Daedroth Concept Art by Zenimax Studios for Elder Scrolls: Online Mazken by KoTnoneKoT @ Deviantart Auril by KoTnoneKoT @ Deviantart Anhaedra hates his life by TheMinttu @ Deviantart Hunger Concept Art by Zenimax Studios for Elder Scrolls: Online Warlord of Fortune by Tira-Owl @ Deviantart Jorogumo by Unknown source Scamp Concept Art by Zenimax Studios for Elder Scrolls: Online God Of War III- Satyr by andyparkart @ Deviantart Banekin Concept Art by Zenimax Studios for Elder Scrolls: Online Winged Twilight 01 by Shagan-fury @ Deviatnart Will-o'-wisp by Ilyich @ Deviantart

Its attacks reduce armor by 250 points for 10 seconds.. (Master) Spirit of the Sun : Spirit heals caster and living allies 20 points per second for 120 seconds.. 🢒 Destruction (Novice) Draining Touch : Absorbs 2 points of Health and Magicka per second from the target for 10 seconds.. ( X damage) (Expert) Draining Shroud : Absorbs 10 points of Health and Magicka per second from nearby enemies for 60 seconds.. Afterwards, summoning a Warlock minion within 30 seconds consumes the Spirit to increase its Health, Damage, and add a bonus effect.. Their attack damage is reduced by 20 %.. Deals 25 damage each time they attack or cast a spell.. Do Destruction perks affect the shadow mage's Destruction spells: These spells are non-elemental spells and are therefore only affected by perks that are not restricted to a specific element.. Note that the warlock's Conjuration spells are self targetted and therefore do not benefit from increased cast range.

Walking Flames DLC Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v7.1.0 ESO Patch Notes Waking Flame DLC.. The ESO Patch Notes Waking Flame DLC adds two new 4-player dungeons to the game: Red Petal Bastion and The Dread Cellar.. As expected, we’ve added several new collectibles, item sets, achievements, and titles for you to acquire.. In the base game, we’ve expanded the number of sets you can use in no-proc Cyrodiil campaigns (with more on the way!. ), introduced 3 new item sets to Rewards for the Worthy, added a Reply option to received mail, and of course have a plethora of bug fixes for the entire game.. For a high level summary of the changes affecting combat, please visit this forum post .. Below are the patch notes for the upcoming DLC Waking Flames for the Elder Scrolls Online.. Waking Flame DLC Two New Dungeons New Item Sets New Collectibles, Outfit Styles & Dyes New Furnishings New Achievements and Titles New Motifs. Base Game PvP Campaign Changes Rewards for the Worthy Multithreaded Rendering Interaction Priority Changes Mail Reply New Collectibles New Homes New Furnishings Update 32 Prologue Quest – An Apocalyptic Situation. Chapters & DLCs Blackwood Clockwork City Greymoor Imperial City Morrowind Murkmire Orsinium Summerset. Combat & Gameplay Combat & Abilities Champion System Itemization & Item Sets. Base Game Alliance War & PvP Crafting & Economy Crown Store & Crown Crates Events & Celebrations Exploration & Itemization Housing Miscellaneous Quests & Zones UI. Written by Deltia · Categorized: Latest , Waking Flames · Tagged: dlc , DPS , dread cellar , Elder Scrolls Online , ESO , ESO Update 31 , Healer , Patch Notes , PvE , PvP , red petal bastion , Tank , Waking Flame , walking flame dlc

Final Results Disintergrating a standard humanoid enemy (not my calc) = 0.717 tons of TNT. Disintergrating a mammoth (not my calc) = 9.44 tons of TNT. Disintergrating a Dwarven Centurion (gameplay) = 4.974 tons of TNT. Disintergrating a Dwarven Centuion (lore) = 72.488 tons of TNT. Dwarven Centurion smashes pillar = 0.0281 tons of TNT. Aranias raises Silatar = 1.978 megatons. Meridia moves galaxies = 101534511000 C. Lore:The Doors of Oblivion - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP)Lore:Varieties of Daedra - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP) He has precognition as well as abilities to know the Vestige without ever seeing him.. Online:Introduction to the Lore of The Elder Scrolls Online - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP) Introduction to the Lore of The Elder Scrolls Online said:. And I've run out of room for videos and pictures, so I'll bring up Vaermina creating a bunch of realities, the energy of a single sigil stone ripping apart a pocket realm, a single sigil stone holding open and sustaining Oblivion Gates which collapse on themselves when the sigil stone is removed, Merien collapsing a pocket realm with nothing more than raw power, Vanus Galerion having enough making to accelerate a planesmeld from months to hours, the Light of Meridia destroying the Planar Vortex, Nocturnal engulfing the Clockwork City and Sotha Sil banishing her, all of which happened onscreen.The power of the et'Ada is as solid as Mario being an Italian plumber or Sonic being a blue hedgehog who's fast, given that we consistently see their feats and their power is directly confirmed by word of god in the most explicit way possible.. There are at least 8 Princes more powerful than her.There's no evidence that Sotha Sil took a long time to make the Clockwork City, or when it was ever mentioned to be a pocket world (if anything, word of god said it was "kinda infinite") but even outside that, it's shown both in Morrowind when Vivec lights up the Clockwork City with his divine power (which is infinite), or how Sotha Sils own divine power continously powers it or how the Mechanical Heart granting an infinite amount of magicka points shows that Sotha Sil possesses an infinite amount of raw energy.

Then we get Eryl's spell - some kind of powerful destruction spell that vaporizes a man and his horse and is heard for a mile, but only knocks the intended targets over.. When I die in the world of time, then I'm completely asleep.. - Brief History of the Empire, Volume 4 So either by the power of the Staff of Chaos or by becoming some sort of Daedra, Jagar Tharn made a dimension big enough for multiple planets to fit in it.. His Shadow Magic can also do these things.. Certainly, many others added to that name during his days in Tamriel: he was Pelinal the Whitestrake because of his left hand, made of a killing light.... Pelinal Whitestrake's armor is out of this world (from the future), and nothing even magic can pierce through it.. it was Pelinal who was called out to battle by another, for Umaril had the blood of the 'ada and would never know death .. Lord Morihaus. N'gasta cast a soul snare over Stros M'kai to gather any souls not protected by Arkay.. Cyrus: You have the island under a spell, N'Gasta?

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