Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (2022)

by Jeff Valliere

RoadTrailRun was offered the opportunity to review poles from two different companies, Komperdell and Leki. We could have done an apples to apples comparison of their most similar poles, but we ultimately decided that it would be more interesting to review different poles, with some overlap, but designed for slightly different usage. Why poles for running? I have often wondered the same thing, as I had never used them for anything outside of skiing or snowshoe hiking.

It is claimed that, when used properly, poles can aid in efficiency, relieve stress on your core and provide balance and stability.

Do they really make a difference? With huge advancements in carbon fiber engineering and overall design, poles have become incredibly lightweight, fold quite compact and are easily accommodated on the majority of running vests/packs. Wildly popular in Europe, they have been slow to catch on here in the US. I am not entirely sure why, but if I had to guess, would say that it may have to do with tradition, combined with our more manicured, lesser gradient trails, vs. the steep, no nonsense, (what the heck is a switchback?) trails more often found in Europe.

I find myself a bit torn on the benefits of poles, at least preferential as to when and where it works best for me to use them. On steeper, loose terrain, scree, snow, sidehilling, snowshoeing or any scenarios where an extra point of contact might be needed, I find poles to be helpful. With a little practice, I find poles to aid in efficiency ascending steep terrain, where I may otherwise be leaned over with my hands on my knees. My back is a little more relaxed and less strained which is a clear advantage on long climbs and certainly on long days with lots of climbing.

For actual running at faster paces however, I found myself carrying them almost always, or stowing them on my pack. I also found that using/carrying poles interferes with simple tasks much more than I realized. Of course eating and drinking come to mind, but then all the little things, messing with the watch, adjusting clothing, snot rockets, cleaning glasses, taking a picture on the move, etc..., the poles were a factor.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and I find having a high quality set of poles in the arsenal to be an asset depending on the day.


Packed Size: 41cm (46cm for non "compact" version)

Adjustable from 105-125cm (120-145cm for non "compact" version)

14 1/4 oz./404 grams per pair (measured on my own scale)


Komperdell is an Austrian company focused on poles for all mountain activities as well protective gear for skiing, mountain biking, equestrian, and motorcycling.

I selected the Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact specifically to use as an all season pole, with the larger ice flex basket making it suitable for snowshoeing or backcountry skiing, yet is light enough and folds compact for multi season running. Though initially I was somewhat indifferent on the ability to adjust the length of a pole, I found this to be a key feature. Being able to quickly and easily vary the length made for more efficient and effective use of poles. Personally, when encountering a steep and sustained climb, I found it most beneficial to drop the length of the pole from my normally preferred 120cm down to 115cm, where I could really take advantage of the added propulsion of using my arms. I am also amazed at how much it relieved my core and especially my lower back.

On steep, loose, tricky downhills, I choose to lengthen the poles to 125cm and keep them out in front of me for added balance and stability. I felt a little more confident leaning slightly more forward where I could maintain my center of balance and reduce the chances of my feet slipping out.

Varying the length on sustained and loose sidehills is quite handy as well, lengthening the downhill pole and shortening the uphill pole. With the Ultralite Vario 4 Compact, it is super quick and easy to adjust while on the move.

The Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact is, although quite thin and light, extremely sturdy and well constructed, utilizing carbon fiber and aluminum for the main shaft.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (1)

(Video) Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Review

When compacted and folded, the Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact is quite small and tidy (41cm), making it very convenient to lash to a pack or running vest, or even stuff inside a pack.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (2)

The sections of shaft are threaded, which makes for a secure interface.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (3)

The ice flex baskets tilt as necessary in order to accommodate varying terrain.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (4)

The grips are made of a durable foam that are comfortable and are secure to grab onto with no slippage. The padded straps are comfortable, but I found the adjustment design to be unreliable, as the toothed wedge that secures the strap would sometimes get hopelessly stuck.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (5)

It seems like a simple design and works well sometimes, but ~10% of the time the wedge would become hopelessly stuck. This became enough of a pain that I just quit adjusting them and now leave them semi loose all of the time and never mess with them.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (6)

The adjustment latch is very easy to operate (with or without gloves) and quite secure.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (7)

You can adjust the screw to dial in the tension of the latch.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (8)

The tungsten/carbide tip seems to be quite durable and gets good traction on a variety of surfaces.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (9)

A summer use pole basket is also available

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (10)

(Video) Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact Review


Overall, I found the Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact to be a very lightweight, sturdy, high quality, easy to adjust pole that works very well for a wide variety of terrain, from steep dry trails and off trail, icy trails and for snowshoeing in varying snow conditions. These are amazing poles and I would highly recommend them, but would love to see a more easy to use and reliable strap system. One other minor complaint is that the threaded connections come lose fairly frequently when I tighten them just with a normal hand twist. The only way I could eliminate the possibility of them loosening was by using rubber garden gloves for increased grip when tightening.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (11)

Jeff's Score: 9.4/10

-.2 for problematic strap adjustment

-.2 for shaft section loosening

-.2 for price. Though very high quality, $239.99 is a lot of money for poles.


Packed size: 38cm

Fixed lengths ranging from 105cm-130cm in 5cm increments

Weight: 13 1/4oz./373grams per pair.


Leki is all about poles for all sorts of mountain activities. Equipping many of the top alpine racers in the world including US Ski Team star Mikaela Shiffrin, their Trigger Shark grip is popular in biathlon where poles must be quickly removed during target shooting segments then re gripped to continue skiing. It is only natural that this technology along with super durable very light weight carbon construction has found its way into running and trekking poles such as the Micro Trail.

The Leki Micro Trail also features very high quality, carbon construction, is light, easy to fold/unfold, easy to stow on a pack and has a very well thought out active grip system, called the Shark 2.0.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (12)

To fold, simply press the button and the top 1/3 of the pole slides down, releasing tension to allow the other thirds of the pole to be detached.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (13)

There is a sturdy tension cable within that is long enough when released for easy folding. Also a good view of the micro basket and carbide tip.

(Video) BEST RUNNING POLES (top 5 review) Leki, Black Diamond, Ultimate Direction, Mountain King, Harrier

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (14)

Another view of the connection and tension cable.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (15)

When folded, these poles seem improbably compact.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (16)

The Shark 2.0 active grip and strap system was for me one of the highlights of theMicro Trail This system relys on a trigger at the top of the pole that is easy to reach with your thumb, which releases the loop that is attached to either the supplied strap, or a variety of gloves (sold separately). I found it particularly handy when I wanted to quickly release to free up a hand or both hands for any reason. This system is remarkably reliable and easy to use. I am not sure why all poles don't have something similar, as it makes a huge difference.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (17)

Leki was also kind enough to provide a bicycle style glove that is compatible with the Shark 2.0 system. Warmer, more insulated gloves that are also compatible with the Shark 2.0 system are available, or you can easily fit almost any glove into the supplied strap.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (18)

Video demonstration of the Trigger Shark Active strap, Shark 2.0 Trigger system, and rapid folding and unfolding of theMicro Trail.

The micro sized basket does very little. Not for use in deep snow and care must be taken in talus.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (19)

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (20)

A handy storage bag is provided as well.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (21)

Stowing on a running vest is a snap.

Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact (22)

(Video) Why I'm DONE using CARBON FIBER trekking poles

I really enjoy using theMicro Trail in situations where I want a lighter pole, will not be in deep snow or talus and might want the added convenience of stowing on the pack, which is much easier with the quick release folding mechanism and slim grip/basket more easily fits on a wider variety of vests and packs. Not to mention, the convenience of the Shark 2.0 grip system is tough to beat. TheMicro Trailis sturdy and secure, well build and has excellent build quality. The cork grip is a nice touch and the attention to detail is impressive.

My only regret is that I did not get the Vario version. I have always used a fixed 120cm pole for skiing and snowshoeing and never really thought I needed the option to adjust, but after going back and forth between the fixed 120cm length of the LekiMicro Trailvs. the Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact, I have come to appreciate the variability on different angle terrain.

Jeff's Score: 9.9/10

-0.1 for weight. Though incredibly light, there are still lighter poles on the market. A very minor deduction though, as the added weight may just worth it for the supreme quality and convenience of the Shark 2.0 grip system.


Which poles to buy?

For racing, 3 season use, simplicity, compactness and convenience, it is hard to beat the LekiMicro Trail. They are sturdy, fold fast, store easily, are ridiculously compact when folded and most easily are accommodated by a wide variety of packs/running vests with pole loops. Not to mention, the Shark 2.0 system is really an advantage.

For greater versatility and a wider range of use, I would certainly suggest the Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact. They are light enough for running/racing, can be used in snow with the larger basket and adjust quite easily for varied terrain.

For backpacking, backcountry skiing, rough hiking or if you are a heavier person who is rough on gear and are not so worried about having the lightest, most stowable poles, consider dual flick lock trekking poles, such as the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork (not reviewed here, but we tried!).

Jeff Valliere's Run Bio

Jeffis a former pro cyclist who now runs and climbs the mountains of Colorado. He has been top 5 Masters, top 25 overall, at the Pike's Peak Marathon several times, finishing 3d Masters this year. Jeff loves vertical accumulating more than 500,000 vertical feet per year, has climbed all the 14's and 200 of the 13's and has held FKT on several. He often runs and climbs at night. Passionate about the sport but also the gear he has reviewed hundred of shoes for various magazines and sites and participated in product testing for many brands. Formerly a bike mechanic he now works in Satellite Imagery. He has twin 6 year old daughters who keep him ever busier yet.

The poles in this review were provided at no charge. Theopinions herein are entirely the author's.

Photo Credit: Jeff Valliere

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Running/Trekking Poles Review - Leki Micro Trail and Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact? ›

Overall, I found the Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Compact to be a very lightweight, sturdy, high quality, easy to adjust pole that works very well for a wide variety of terrain, from steep dry trails and off trail, icy trails and for snowshoeing in varying snow conditions.

Is Leki a good brand? ›

Leki Women's Micro Vario Carbon

They have comfortable grips, excellent locking mechanisms, and low weight. They are ultra-packable, collapsing down to only 15.5 inches in length, among the smallest in our review. The foam grips and wrist straps are also some of the most comfortable to use barehanded.

How do I choose trail running poles? ›

Weight – Go for hiking poles that are as lightweight as you can afford. Length – As a general guide, while holding the pole with your arm at your side and elbow at a 90-degree angle, your forearm should be parallel the ground. Have your shoes on while measuring.

What length trail running poles should I get? ›

The first one is to multiply your height in centimetres by 0.68 and round this to the nearest 5cm. The second method is to imagine that you are holding a pole with your elbow at 90 degrees angle and measure the distance from the ground to the top of your hand.

What is the lightest trekking pole? ›

Lightest trekking poles comparison table
TypeWeight per pair
Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking PolesTelescoping with a lever-lock1 lb
Leki Cross Trail 3 Carbon Trekking PolesTelescoping with Lever-Lock35.4″ – 49.2″: 0.88 lb 39.3″ – 53.1″: 0.90 lb
Paria Outdoor Products Tri-Fold Carbon Cork Trekking Poles/SticksFoldable1.12 lb
5 more rows
Jun 2, 2022

Do carbon trekking poles break? ›

Why I'm DONE using CARBON FIBER trekking poles - YouTube

Where is Leki made? ›

The majority of LEKI products are manufactured in our factory in the Czech Republic.

What height should my running poles be? ›

Black Diamond Z Pole Sizing
Height RangeHeight RangeSuggested Z Pole Length
< 5 ft 1< 154 cm100 cm
5 ft 1 - 5 ft 7154 - 171 cm110 cm
5 ft 8 - 5 ft 11172 - 182 cm120 cm
6 ft +183 + cm130 cm

Do trail runners use trekking poles? ›

Trekking poles can be valuable tools for trail runners, especially ultra-distance and mountain runners. They provide a variety of benefits, like giving you two extra points of contact with the ground and providing you extra stability on unstable terrain.

Should I run with trekking poles? ›

Poles are especially useful in longer in trail running races with lots of sustained or steep terrain. Walking with poles can be a good way to conserve leg power as it allows athletes to engage otherwise unused muscles in the upper body. Poles can also be helpful on very steep uphills with loose footing.

When should you use a running pole? ›

When should you use your poles when trail running ?
  1. Trail running poles will help you save energy when running or hiking up steep uphills.
  2. When running on hilly terrain, the extra power your arms provide can help you run faster and more efficiently.

Is Nordic walking better than walking? ›

Walking with Nordic poles burns more calories and works more muscles than conventional walking. Picture a brilliant blue sky over a vast field of fresh, fluffy snow. The air is crisp and cold, and you're suited up on skis, ready to propel yourself across the expanse of white for a day of cross-country skiing.

Can you take trekking pole on a plane? ›

According to TSA, ski and hiking poles are not allowed as carry-ons, but walking canes are allowed, provided “they have been inspected to ensure that prohibited items are not concealed.”

Is carbon fiber or aluminum trekking poles better? ›

The major benefit of aluminum trekking poles is that they are more durable than carbon fiber poles. Along with generally having a longer lifespan, aluminum poles are not as temperature sensitive, and perform equally well in the blazing heat and the frigid cold.

Is carbon fiber good in cold weather? ›

For anything but sub-freezing conditions and lots of snow, carbon fiber is really great.

Are carbon trekking poles good? ›

Buying Options. Gossamer Gear's LT5 Carbon Trekking Poles are exceedingly simple to set up and use, and they're very comfortable. And since they're made of carbon fiber, they're the lightest poles available. They're also expensive: more than $200 for the pair, plus shipping, on Gossamer Gear's website.

Is LEKI German? ›

Leki is a German family company that manufactures the most ski poles in the whole world. Leki represents the well-known German quality in their production and rightfully is amongst the top brands in manufacturing ski, ski cross, tracking, nordic walking poles and sport gloves.

Is one trekking pole Enough? ›

Turns out though, one pole is plenty. Unless you're balancing 70 pounds on your back while walking over loose scree, I'm not really sure why you'd ever actually need two poles. One provides plenty of support and stability. River crossings are nearly as easy with just one.

How do seniors use walking sticks? ›

Modified Nordic Walking Technique for Older Adults - YouTube

What poles does Kilian Jornet use? ›

Salomon Nordic poles 135cm — While most alpine touring skiers and even many skimo racers use adjustable poles, Jornet went full Nordic in his 24-hour endeavor. Given the relatively gentle terrain of the Tusten ski area in Molde, Norway, the longer, superlight Nordic poles gave him good uphill propulsion.

How do I attach poles to Salomon? ›

How to Attach Poles to the Salomon ADV SKIN 12/8/5 - YouTube

How do you attach a Salomon quiver? ›

Salomon Custom quiver review - YouTube

The Leki Micro Vario Carbon is a good trekking pole with a hefty price tag. The foldable sections lock together securely, and the silky wrist strap is very...

AwardsPrice$200 List $199.95 at Amazon $170 List $169.95 at Amazon $200 List Check Price at REICompare at 2 sellers $43 List $42.99 at AmazonOverall Score Star RatingProsPacks compactly, relatively lightweight, easily disassembledComfortable grip, locks securely, packs small, highly versatileComfortable, easy to adjust, small packed size, lightweight, versatileLightweight, short collapsed length, surprisingly durableDurable, comfortable grip, packs smallConsExpensive, heavy swing weight, grip is oddly contouredCarbon is less durable than aluminum, on the expensive sideExpensiveNo length adjustability, average grip comfortHeavy, less versatile due to weightBottom LineA high-performing, easily packable, and lightweight pole that comes with great featuresA simple, elegant, and well-built trekking pole with versatility for all usesThis pole is comfortable, easy to adjust, lightweight, and highly packable, easily rising to the top in our testsDurable with a short collapsed length, this is a fantastic value for a lightweight poleA highly affordable pair of poles with all of the features of more expensive modelsRating CategoriesLeki Micro Vario Ca...MSR DynaLock Ascent...Leki Women's Micro...Black Diamond Dista...Trekology Trek-ZComfort(20%)Weight(20%)Versatility(20%)Locking and Adjustability(15%)Packed Size(15%)Construction Quality(10%)SpecsLeki Micro Vario Ca...MSR DynaLock Ascent...Leki Women's Micro...Black Diamond Dista...Trekology Trek-ZMeasured Weight (per pair)17 oz17 oz16 oz12.5 oz26 ozShaft MaterialCarbonCarbon fiberCarbonAluminumAluminumCollapsed Length15.5 in14.25 in15.5 in13/14/16/17 in15 inMax Length47 in47 in51 in39/43/47/51 in47 inPole DesignFoldableCollapsibleFoldableFoldableFoldableGrip MaterialFoamRubber, plastic, foamFoamEVA foamFoamLocking MechanismSpeed​​Lock 2DynaLockSpeed​​Lock 2Speed Cone DeploymentLever lockBaskets/Tip Attachments?Yes, tips and basketsYes, winter and summer basketsYes, tips and basketsYes, rubber and carbide tipsYes, powder and trail baskets, boots, and narrow tipsSize TestedOne size100-120 cmOne size110 cm100-120 cm. The Leki Micro Vario Carbon folds down relatively small compared to telescoping poles, but doesn't pack as small as some foldable poles.. The Micro Vario features a carbon construction and a break-apart design, making it quite durable, but not as durable as aluminum poles using the traditional telescoping design.. Still, carbon fiber tends to chip and crack more easily than aluminum poles, so every pole design has to choose between more durability with aluminum construction and the lighter weight afforded by carbon construction.. These poles feature metal reinforcements on the ends of the carbon shaft sections, making them a durable choice compared to other foldable poles.

The Europeans have been using trekking poles for years as part of their trail and ultra-distance race strategies. They understand the added value in engaging your arms on steeper ascents and when you are starting to really drag. Trekking poles have started to make a dent in American ultras, but generally only in the longer …

We invited several of our testers to use different poles over the course of an 8 week, intensive testing cycle, ranging from tough mountain adventure runs to 100 mile endurance races, and pulled together our findings.. At a feather weight of 16.8oz for the pair and a collapsible pack size of 15 inches they will fit in almost any pack/vest and you’ll hardly know they’re there.. This full carbon extension only pole is very lightweight and easy to use.. Komperdell Carbon C3 Carbon Power Lock ($139) – We were sent two of the C3 models, which compared well with the REI brand.. Pros:. Jerry – “I quickly learned how to collapse the poles while hiking/running.. REI 3.0 Extension only poles require a little practice to find the sweet spot where you can still move well and size them right.. Time offers the best results and once you have your methods for locking and sizing the poles you’ll find it is very fast and easy.. Pros:. Craig (Leki) – “Considering it is a collapsible pole with an extension it is very light weight.”. Craig (Leki) – “Of the three pole we tested the Leki poles were, by far, the most versatile in everyday use.”. Pros:. Lara – (Komperdell) – “Loved the ease of breakdown and locking mechanism.. While our testers liked the push button Speed Lock of the Leki pole for set-up and take-down over the Komperdell twist lock feature, others appreciated the slimmer feel and lighter weight of the Komperdell poles over the Lekis where they could seem a bit bulky.. Those two models are so similar in design and function, there is basically no difference.. REI Carbon Power Lock ($129) T.R.. They did a great job with these carbon poles at a good price.. It’s nice to know they also make poles in an affordable range for the everyday user.”. Mark – “For a full carbon pole Komperdell still represents a clear price point option for anyone wanting a great quality, light weight trekking pole.”

LEKI Trekking Poles - LEKI is just one of the top brands when it comes to trekking poles. Trekking poles are mainly used to assist you with balance and stability.

LEKI is one of the top brands of trekking poles when it comes to skiing and hiking.. Ultralight trekking poles are made from durable and light materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber.. Aluminum shafts are more durable and sturdy and can withstand extreme abuse such as hiking on rocky terrain, crossing rivers, and mountain climbing.. Telescopic trekking poles are ideal if you like to adjust your poles many times on your outdoor adventure.. Fixed-length poles are ideal for lightweight backpacking and hiking.. The PAS or Positive Angle Soft grip is very easy to adjust.. The wrist strap is adjustable and is made from durable nylon material.. LEKI offers the best trekking poles that provide excellent support and comfort.. Moreover, they also offer lightweight trekking poles and durable aluminum and carbon fiber trekking poles.

This article is a list of in-depth reviews and specs of some of the best Leki poles on the market in 2018. Read reviews & make an educated decision.

Leki produces aluminum and 100% carbon trekking poles for any trekking need you might encounter on the trails.. The poles will also have a Speed Lock System that allows you to quickly adjust the length of the pole while on the trail.. Pros Lightweight trekking pole Easily adjustable with a range of 14 inches Soft handle grips help prevent callouses Easy to adjust hand straps. PriceUnder $140Maximum Length51.18 inchesMinimum Length43.31 inchesCollapsed Length15 inchesWeight (Pair)18.3 ounces The Leki Corklite Trekking Poles are a consistent best seller amongst the trekking poles that Leki has to offer.. PriceUnder $140Maximum Length53.1 inchesMinimum Length24.4 inchesCollapsed LengthUnavailableWeight (Pair)19.1 ounces The Leki Micro Valori Carbon DDS trekking poles are virtually the same as the Micro Valori aluminum trekking poles.

Publié le : 06/04/2022Acheter Like Micro Trail Vario >>Table des matièresLe consensusPOURCONTREAnalyse complète des tests et avis des Leki Micro Trail VarioConfort et ergonomiePerformancePoids et compacitéPolyvalenceDurée de vie et rapport qualité-prixConclusionCaractéristiquesOù l'acheter ?Besoin...

Elle propose des bâtons pour tous types de sports: le ski alpin, le ski de fond, mais également la randonnée et le trail running.. Elle est reconnue pour la qualité de ses produits: elle propose un certain nombre de modèles haut de gamme qui sont très appréciés.. Les utilisateurs de ces bâtons de trail reconnaissent presque unanimement qu’ils sont très confortables.. La surface de bâton recouvert par ce liège est importante, si vous avez besoin de tenir ceux-ci plus bas que d’habitude (en montée par exemple), vous ne serez donc pas gêné.. Enfin, les Vario proposent un système de pliage et de dépliage différent de celui des Micro Trail Pro.. Tout d’abord, les Leki Micro Trail Vario permettent un réglage de la longueur de ses bâtons grâce à la technologie Speed Lock2.. Lors d’un trail, surtout s’il est long, vous avez besoin de ranger et de sortir vos bâtons de trail un certain nombre de fois.. Cela vous permet d’envisager de les utiliser sur des terrains encore plus variés, voire de les utiliser pour d’autres activités, comme la randonnée par exemple.. Ils possèdent des atouts intéressants dans le cadre de la pratique de l’ultra-trail: ils sont légers, confortables, résistent à la transpiration et ont une très bonne ergonomie.. Leur système de gantelets à la place des dragonnes permet d’optimiser votre effort en utilisant la puissance de vos poignets et de vos bras pour économiser les muscles de vos jambes.. Les gantelets, quant à eux, sont résistants aux abrasions et on ne note pas de déchirures, même en cas de contacts fréquents avec les rochers ou la végétation.. Ils s’adressent à un public de trailers connaisseurs, en quête de performance, de confort et de légèreté.

Komperdell no longer makes the version we tested in this review. The Komperdell C3 Carbon Compacts are the best priced carbon fiber poles in our review...

Price: $140 ListPros: Lightest telescoping poles in our review, Excellent price for a carbon fiber trekking pole.Cons: Grip is pretty basic, the locking mechanism for the adjustment isn't as good as other models we tested, baskets are a little funkyManufacturer: Komperdell Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products.. The Komperdell C3 Carbon Compacts are the best priced carbon fiber poles in our review and they are the lightest and most compact telescoping poles we tested.. They aren't quite as light or small as all of the folding "tent pole style" trekking poles like the Black Diamond Ultra Distance, but they are lighter and smaller than several models and are likely more durable.. The C3 Carbon's grip is just average because of its basic, weight saving foam design, and the same could be said about the PowerLock mechanism, (Komperdell's external lever lock style locking mechanism was good, but not quite as nice as the external lever lock style system used by other manufacturers) though it was easier to use and more durable than all of the internal twist lock systems.. We do think that the C3 Carbon Compact is a super versatile pole for its weight and that it's great for everyone from day hikers to alpine rock climbers who might need a pole that is light and compact enough to carry up and over a route, yet still beefy enough to handle any off-trail travel that may be encountered on the other side.. The Komperdell C3 Carbon Powerlock Compact trekking pole.. The C3 Carbon's grip isn't near as nice as its heavier telescoping carbon counterparts like the Leki Carbonlite or the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork , but it is lighter, and unlike the Carbonlite, uses an external lever locking mechanism.. While we did think it was far easier to use and more durable than all the internal twist-lock style mechanisms we tested like the ones found on the Leki Carbonlite or the REI Traverse Trekking poles; we didn't like the PowerLock as much as Leki's SpeedLock or Black Diamond's FlickLock for the same ease of use and durability, but didn't think it was too far behind.. The C3 Carbon weights the same as the Black Diamond Distance pole (13 oz) and is only 3 ounces heavier than the much less durable and less versatile Black Diamond Ultra Distance.. With that said, it's still 4-6 inches longer than the folding, tent pole style trekking poles like the Black Diamond Ultra Distance, which compacts down to a mere 15.5 inches.. Despite not being the most compact pole, we do think the Komperdell packs down small enough to still make it an excellent choice for everyone from climbers who need to carry their poles on, or inside their packs, to frequent travelers, because the C3 Carbon compact will fit into most small sized luggage.. Comparing the compacted lengths of the Komperdell C3 Carbon Powerlock Compact and the Black Diamond Distance FL.. It certainly isn't as durable as the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork, but is much more durable than the Raidlight Foldable Trail Poles .. The Komperdell C3 Carbons are an excellent value and are the least expensive carbon fiber pole in our review, being around $20-$40 cheaper than most other models and they are the lightest and most compact among the telescoping models, that's pretty sweet.

Many runners and walkers swear by poles for offering increased endurance during long and hilly races. See Benefits of walking and running poles. Here are my reviews of different types and brands of poles...

The poles are one length, rather than adjustable.. You really need to use the straps to make the most of these poles and if you lose one you need to buy another one from Leki.. The length when folded is just 37cm.. The metal tips are good at gripping various types of terrain, including grass and mud.. Leki state: “For the ultimate in trekking pole performance, it has to be the Leki Black Series folding walking pole.” For running, I always choose the Leki Micro Trail Pro poles but for walking, I favour these Leki Black Series poles.. The plastic screw system makes me think the poles will be longer lasting but I have no proof of this.. The thick foam grip is soft and comfortable and the padded strap is adjustable.. The Leki are slightly shorter, while the Komperdells are around 5cm longer.


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