Stella Di Mare - Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island (2022)

The guest, including all members of the guest’s party, understands and agrees:

Upon confirming a reservation, a contractual agreement is made between Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island, Inc. and the guest, including all members of the guest’s party. The guest and the rest of their party agree to abide by the following Rental Guidelines.

Rental Guidelines

vMaximum Occupancy

·At all times, both inside and outside the home, the maximum occupancy is the number of persons allowed on the premises, including infants. We cater to family groups and cannot accept reservations for vacationing students or house parties. We do not rent to students even if one or more parents or legally responsible adults accompany them, or to groups under the age of 25. This policy is strictly enforced. Special events such as weddings, reunions, and church retreats are only allowed in select homes and require a separate contract. Special pricing and security deposits may be required. Please contact our office for details.


·Pets are welcome at our pet-friendly homes only. Please see the individual property descriptions for details on size and number of pets allowed. There will be a $50 per pet fee upon making your reservation, unless otherwise stated in the property description. Guests are required to clean up after their pets, and there may be additional charges for cleanup of pet waste or excessive pet hair if left on the property. Franklin County Law prohibits leaving pet waste on the beach or dunes. Pets in non-pet-friendly homes are strictly prohibited and will result in immediate eviction with no refund of rent. If evidence of pets is found in non-pet-friendly home during or after departure, a minimum charge of $500 will be incurred. Exotic animals are not allowed. Pets are not allowed in pools, the pool area, or hot tub. A leash law is in effect and guest are responsible for adhering to it.

The only exception is for ADA (American Disabilities Act) qualified animals. Additional information upon request. A service animal is a dog or miniature hours that is trained to do work or perform tasks to assist an individual with a disability.

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vPools and Hot Tubs

·Private pools and hot tubs are cleaned twice a week. It is the guest’s responsibility for the appropriate use of these amenities. An additional fee will be charged for any extra cleanings required due to negligence or abuse. Some pools offer heat (as listed in individual property descriptions) and this amenity must be requested at least 1 week in advance. The charge for pool heat is $500 per week or for stays less than a week, $300 for 2 nights plus $40 per night thereafter. Pools will not be heated when the outside temperature in a 24-hour period averages below 60° or if the average water temperature of the pool is above 82°. Pool heat is not guaranteed. Hot tub covers break easily, please do not walk or sit upon them. An offer of free pool heat does not apply to monthly reservations.


·Please refer to individual property descriptions for availability and possible restrictions. If “Elevator for a fee” is noted in the property description, prior arrangements must be made and a $100 fee must be paid in advance. Elevators are not to be used by children or pets unless accompanied by an adult.

vRefunds, Bad Weather, Equipment Malfunction

·Refunds are not made for inclement weather, lack of public utilities, the unavailability of private community amenities, or equipment malfunctions. Should any equipment malfunction, we will make every effort to have it repaired as soon as possible. One of the challenges of living on a barrier island is parts have to be ordered and repair companies have to travel a longer distance, so repairs may take longer than expected.

vReturned Checks

·The charge for returned checks is $25. Checks will not be re-deposited and must be replaced with a money order, cashier’s check, web check, or credit card payment.

vCancellations / Changes to Reservations

·Once the first rental payment has been received, there will be no refunds issued by Resort Vacation Properties unless:

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·We can re-rent the home for the same dates and rental rate. A 10% cancellation fee of the total rental amount will be deducted from the advance rental payment(s). If it is not possible to re-rent the home for the same dates and rental rate, the 10% cancellation fee and any difference in the re-booking rate will apply. If the home remains vacant for those dates, the entire payment will be forfeited, or the reservation may be reinstated;

·After arrival, there should be no expectation of refunds or relocation because of dissatisfaction with the home rented. Unlike a hotel, we cannot relocate guests without specific authorization.

vTravel Insurance

·Travel insurance can provide coverage for various medical, travel and weather events, including hurricane evacuation, and we strongly recommend youpurchase it. Resort Vacation Properties has partnered with a leading independent travel insurance provider for your convenience. For more information, seeSun Trip Preserver Travel Insurance.

·A Description of Coverage explaining the benefits, exclusions, and limitationscan be downloaded here. Submitting a claim is the responsibility of the guest, and should be filed directly with the travel insurance company.


·Guests assume full financial responsibility for damages due to misuse, negligence or missing items. Any damages or issues found by the guest must be reported within 24 hours of standard check in time. All damages will be the responsibility of the reserving party and their credit card will be charged and/or security deposit withheld for any violations unless damage is covered by the Property Protection Plan. Any excessive cleaning required will also be billed to the Guest. Guest will be notified regarding charges or deductions and agrees that charges can be processed on Guest’s credit card or held security deposit unless covered by the PPP. In the event the security deposit or the PPP is not sufficient to cover all of the damage expense, guest agrees to send payment within 30 days.

v Property Protection Plan

· The Property Protection Plan covers unintentional damages to the Premises that occur during your stay, provided they are disclosed to management prior to departing Premises. The fee will pay a maximum amount - derived fromcumulativeamount of damage up to the amount of the security deposit. Please see pricing table below. Any damages, intentional or unintentional, that exceed the allotted amounts will be charged to the credit card on file. Smoking damage in or on the property and anything deemed “Pet Damage” by RVP, is NOT covered by PPP. Any tampering with pool equipment is not covered by PPP. Guest has 30 days from departure to pay all monetary balances, should any exist. As an alternative to Property Protection, Guest may choose to pay a Refundable Security Deposit, authorized and collected prior to Guest entering Premises that will act as a safeguard to Agent for any damages that may occur, whether unintentional or intentional. The amount of this Refundable Security Deposit is listed below. No portion of the Security Deposit will be refunded to a departing guest until all co-guests have vacated the Premises. Guest acknowledges that all, or a portion, of the Security Deposit may be retained by Agent upon termination of the tenancy and that any refund (full or partial) of the Security Deposit to Guest shall be made within 30 days of reservation departure date.

o Maximum Occupancy 1-6, $50 PPP or $500 Security Deposit

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o Maximum Occupancy 7-10, $75 PPP or $750 Security Deposit

o Maximum Occupancy 11-14, $100 PPP or $1000 Security Deposit

o Maximum Occupancy 15+, $125 PPP or $1500 Security Deposit

vLost and Found

·If you find that you have left items behind, please contact us as soon as possible. Although we strive to mail items immediately, it may take up to two weeks for delivery. For large items, a charge of $10 will be incurred. All packages are mailed in the form of a COD, via the USPS.


·Smoking is strictly prohibited inside all rental homes. A minimum charge of $500 will be assessed for violations and there are no exceptions to this policy.

vHandicap Accessibility

·Please refer to the individual property descriptions for information about a home’s handicap accessibility. Homes are not fully handicap accessible unless otherwise stated in the property description.

vHomeowner associations

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·Rules and regulations may apply for homes within the St. George Plantation, 300 Ocean Mile, Villas of St. George and Sunset Beach. Rules may address use of community amenities, the types of vehicles allowed, parking, bonfires, fireworks, etc., and are subject to change by the community. Guests are responsible for reading and understanding applicable community rules and regulations.


·We cannot predict the location of construction activities near rental homes and may be unable to notify guests prior to arrival that their home is near a construction site. Refunds or adjustments are not made because of construction activity.

vRental Homes for Sale

·Rental homes may be for sale. Owners reserve the right to allow showings to qualified buyers. We may be unable to notify guests prior to arrival that the home is for sale. However, guests will be notified of showings at least one hour in advance. Refunds or adjustments are not made because of sales activity.

vSurveillance Equipment

·For added safety, security an property protection; some vacation rental properties may have surveillance equipmentinstalled. Such video/audio devices will be legally installed in very limited exterior locations. We will make every attempt to ensure areas under surveillance are clearly disclosed aremarked in such a way to protect your privacy.

·Furthermore, registered guests may not, under any circumstances, install any such surveillance device during their stay without the expressed, written permission of Resort Vacation Properties.

·RVP does not monitor or manage surveillance equipment.


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·In the event a reserved accommodation becomes unavailable for rental use, we reserve the right to substitute a comparable home, if available, or grant a full refund of all payments made, without further liability.


·Every effort is made to ensure the property information listed online and in all print media is accurate and complete. Homes, rates, descriptions, furnishings, equipment, or bed arrangements are subject to daily updates and changes. Information represented online and in all print media is not guaranteed. To ensure accuracy, please contact our office.


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