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Product Description

Versatile single staff for carrying lighter loads or walking on more gentle terrain. Wooden knob unscrews to expose built in mono-pod camera mount!! 3-section, 7075 Series heat-treated Aluminum shaft adjusts from 78-145cm and is the strongest available. Shaft sections carry a lifetime warranty against breakage. The award winning Super Lock System allows the pole length to be adjusted with the least amount of torque (hand strength) and offers the most secure "hold" of any other pole locking system in the world. Like all LEKI trekking poles, the carbide flextips are replaceable and offer the most secure hold on any terrain and surface. Includes rubber tip attachment for use indoors and on pavement (rubber tips removes easily as carbide tip should be exposed for trail use). Instructional hang tag attached to poles; information also available at www/ concerning pole use, maintenance, etc..

Price: $89.00
as of Mon, 25 Mar 2013 04:01:12 GMT
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Product Details

  • Size: 78-145cm
  • Color: Forest Green
  • Brand: Leki
  • Model: TO2152-08
  • Dimensions: 2.00" h x 4.00" w x 27.00" l, .50 pounds


  • Wood knob / foam grip / camera mount: comfortable foam grip; wooden knob unscrews to expose standard
  • Super lock system (sls): the strongest pole locking system available as tested by tuv; secure adjustment hold with the least amount of torque
  • Soft antishock system (sas): internal suspension system cushions the impact of each pole plant for comfort
  • Carbide flextips: concave, cylindrical tips offer secure hold on all terrain and surfaces
  • Rubber tip attachment: easily attaches / removes from carbide flextip

Customer Reviews

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Value Leki Sierra SAS (Soft Anti-Shock) Trekking Pole (2022) (3)Makes Hiking Even better
By Seth Ritter
I've always enjoyed trail hiking and having to carry something seemed like an added burden. Last summer, my family and I trekked on the lava fields of Arenal in Costa Rica and there was a pile of walking sticks at the trailhead. We all though " What the heck, why not." Whew, they were life savers... literally. The terrain was covered and uncertain and we immediately discovered the safety benefits of a "3rd leg". So for Christmas, Amazon as usual, had great choices. I got the warm & fuzzy about this LEKI Sierra SAS and ordered 2. They are fantastic. Lightweight and very comfy on the grip. I love the twist lock height adjustments; very quick and precise. Quite sturdy and reassuring on unstable surfaces. It has already saved my butt from some serious tumbles. The wooden hand knob (feels great when needed) unscrews and the LEKI really works well as a camera monopod. Overall, well made, good value for the money and Yea!! it's not made in China.

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Value Leki Sierra SAS (Soft Anti-Shock) Trekking Pole (2022) (4)Outstanding Trekking Pole That Doubles as Monopod
By M. Ross
The soul is willing, but the knees just aren't what they used to be. I can still put in serious miles on the trail and hiking up inclines are not a problem. Coming down steep inclines after a long day of hiking, crossing fast-moving streams, and rock-hopping, however, have become a tad more dicey - especially when fatigue has set in. Enter the Leki Sierra SAS Trekking Pole. This pole has really come in handy on a few occasions when I have lost my footing and would otherwise have landed either in the drink or in a heap on the trail; not just embarrassing, that, but also potentially dangerous if an injury results far from home.

This particular pole comes singly and not in a pair. It is topped with an attractive, round wooden knob that, when unscrewed, reveals a stud that is designed to hold most still cameras and video cameras with a standard tripod mount. If you are inclined to take pictures or videos while on the trail, this can be mighty handy, either allowing you to steady the camera or to rest the pole-attached camera against a tree or boulder as it films.

With the wooden cap on, it makes a nice walking stick just using the wooden knob. Below that is a more standard, contoured hand grip made of firm foam rubber. It also has a strap for your wrist if you want to use it like that. The three section pole locks into place using a screw-lock system that is rated for over 300 lbs. of holding force. I prefer this system of locking to snap-lock-style poles as I find they allow more adjust-ability for height. Indeed, this pole works as well for me as it does for my wife and daughter. Some twist lock poles have had issues with holding, but this pole's system is robust: Once adjusted and locked, it holds fast. Period.

The quality of the pole is evident everywhere you look and at the current price it also represents serious value. The shafts are made of heat-treated aluminum, and the outer finish is fine. The action of the locking mechanism is smooth and sure. The overall fit and finish of the pole is outstanding and while light, this trekking pole is incredibly strong. It comes with two tips: one is a replaceable reinforced rubber cap for hard surfaces like sidewalks, and underneath that is a hardened carbide tip, which is also replaceable, for the trail.

Lastly, the pole comes with a moderate shock-absorbing feature. Normally I don't like shock-absorbing poles, but I don't find the one on this pole to be intrusive; I usually don't even notice it's there. The SAS stands for Soft Anti-Shock, and it gives a little as the pole's tip comes down on a surface. The give is minimal, amounting to about 1/4 inch as far as I can tell. That small give doesn't affect the pole's stability, but it is enough to reduce fatigue from jarring over the course of miles.

Other details are the warranty, which is lifetime for defective parts, and the location of manufacture, which is the Czech Republic.

I really love this pole. Strong and light, it helps me when I need it; when I don't, it breaks down so small that I never notice it in my pack. Some would say, 'Bah, you don't need a pole' or 'just find a good walking stick on the trail.' True- if you find a good walking stick, keep it and use it as long as you can. Wood is heavy, though, and not adjustable, and won't break down to fit in your backpack. (or suitcase)

I have looked at and tried other hiking poles and this one is my favorite by far. I would recommend anyone to try others out before making a purchase, as everyone's needs or preferences are different. This pole is perfect for me, though, and I can easily recommend it at five stars.

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Value Leki Sierra SAS (Soft Anti-Shock) Trekking Pole (2022) (5)Excelent Walking Stick and Camera Monopod
By Thien Vo-Dai
The Leki Serra Antishock Trekkking Pole is a very elegant, beautiful and well-build trekking and walking stick that you would not regret spending money on. Furthermore, if you have not owned a camera mono-pod, this pole is what you should buy. Very light, small and sturdy, it can support most cameras and camcorders. Its anti-shock capability offers comfort to your hands and your camera. People often take a glance at my Leki when I have my camera on it. A monopod would become very useful if equipped with a head ball to offer extra degree of freedom in camera orientation. The MagMoumt head ball by Teck-Teck fits to the Leki as if it's specifically designed for; you can even put the Leki's knob on it
As a mopmopod, the Leki is about two inches shorter than the Manfrotto 676B when fully extended. Completely retracted, it's about eight inches longer but can still fit into your suitcase. It can be detached into three short pieces if need be.

I have the Leki for more than ten years already and I am still very fond of it.

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Leki Sierra SAS (Soft Anti-Shock) Trekking Pole Reviewed by Pai Choo on Mon, 25 Mar 2013 04:01:12 GMT . Rating: 4.5

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